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There's an election in New Zealand!

And the Maoris hold the key! The Maori party holds only four seats in Parliament, but they weren't aligned as of the election, so they could tip the balance!!!! Oh, if only I could send you somewhere where you could get up-to-the-minute New Zealand election coverage!!!!

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Blogger Nik said...

What? The Maoris don't have the key! Where do you get your information? Sheesh.

It's been really weird having two elections in a week, one where the country goes Democrat, one where they go conservative. I've got whiplash!!

(Oh yeah thanks for the link!)

9/11/08 11:15 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

I just read the news story, sir! Are you suggesting the news might be inaccurate? For shame!

9/11/08 1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NZ went in the "opposite direction" to the US because it had had a centre-left government for the past nine years and according to the media (our MSM media sucks just as much as that in the US ) it was "time for a change". Personally I think the swinging voters in the middle have got the change they wished for, but not the change they wanted :-)

The Maori Party will be important to the largest party in the governing coalition (National) in that by voting with the government they would allow National to pass any legislation that the smaller coalition party (the right wing neo-Reaganist ACT Party) would not likely vote for.
The election isn't actually over yet as there still some 200000 special and overseas votes to be counted although they don't look likely to reduce the governing coaltion down to a minority government that would need the Maori Party so it could actually stay in power (at one stage the opinion polls were suggesting that could happen).
It is going to be a long dark three years down here.
For further info
BTW, in modern NZ English usage "Maori" as no plural "s" ie: one Maori, 2 Maori - this is because the Maori language itself also has this form.

9/11/08 1:31 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Thanks for the info about the election and other stuff, Anonymous. I never want to get a term wrong, and I have seen "Maoris" before, so I guess others have been ignorant as well!

9/11/08 11:52 PM  

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