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Fun with Sarah

Two stories about Sarah Palin:

In the first one, she says that God has blessed the United States with natural resources, and dagnabit, we've got to use them! That doesn't offend me too much, any more than any insistence that God cares more about Americans than he does anyone else in the world does. What's awesome about the story is the quote by John Shirley, 63, of Pittsboro (presumably North Carolina, as that's where she was speaking): "She's a hunter. She opposes abortion. She's religious. She reflects a lot of the values we have here in the South." That's just too excellent for words. God, guns, and gangs of children - it's all in the South, man!

In the second story, Palin is reported to have said that she likes being in North Carolina, which is a "pro-America" part of the country. I haven't seen any confirmation of that, but if it's true, that's a great quote. Joe Biden jumped on that in a speech in New Mexico, and the Obama campaign issued a news release asking what parts of the country aren't "pro-America." I wonder if New York, which suffered the worst terrorist attack in American history and which politicians use whenever they want to look "concerned" but then decry in their speeches about small-town America, is "pro-America." Probably not.

I love Sarah Palin. If I weren't so angry at Bush and if I thought McCain would do any kind of good job, I'd vote for him just so we could get four years of Palin trying to explain herself. She'd be like an attractive Dan Quayle!

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