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News of the Odd: the half-ton hog and grace under pressure

If you haven't seen the 1051-pound hog that Jamison Stone shot in Alabama over the weekend ... well, you just aren't paying enough attention:

The web site that his dad put up is, of course, awesome. The "negative comments" section begins with a note from the father: "Warning!!! Your Negative e-mails may be posted and some of you will be Prayed for." Excellent.

I assume it's real. If it is, what the hell kind of things are roaming the woods down there in Alabama? Jesus.

In another story, Miss USA fell down during the evening gown showing at the Miss Universe Pageant last night, but popped right back up and kept on sauntering! She ended up finished fifth. Now that's poise!

That's much cooler than some kid blasting away at a thousand-pound pig. Although that's pretty cool too.

Man, it's great to be an American sometimes.

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Blogger layne said...

9 points for the fall, 10 for the unassisted recovery (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Girl-In-Destiny's-Child-Who-Isn't-Beyonce-Or -The-Really-Skinny-One.)

29/5/07 9:01 PM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Boy, I miss that weekly wretched excess you used to do with all sorts of stories like these (I'd hear about the Miss USA, but golly gee, I had astonishingly missed the pig story.)

30/5/07 2:56 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Yeah, Roger, every once in a while I think I should surf the web again, but man! those posts took a long time. The kids would never allow it these days! Maybe in August when Mia goes to school full-time I can spend a week finding the wacky out there in cyberspace.

30/5/07 8:09 AM  

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