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Pop Quiz answer!

Ah, that Roger - always using his puzzler! The correct answer to my quiz from yesterday was Robespierre, generally known as the architect of the Terror during the French Revolution. I just read an article on Robespierre, and while the author doesn't whitewash his contribution to one of the more awful state-sponsored acts of terrorism in history, he does point out that Robespierre believed that the Terror was going to occur anyway and thought he could control its abuses. It turned out he was wrong, but it doesn't appear he was completely evil. Anyway, France decided to export their Revolution to all the oppressed people of Europe, something Robespierre objected to, for the very reason quoted. If only George Bush knew some history or, you know, ever read a book, he might have come across Robespierre and his prescience. It didn't work 200 years ago, George, and it ain't working now. Sigh.

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