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Some random pictures on Picture Day before we head for the desert!

I could have posted more pictures of people you don't know, but I decided to skip those and head right back out to nature. In March 1997 Krys and I, along with my mom, went to the desert in Eastern Oregon. But first, some random photos!

These two pictures are on Sauvie Island, which is a neat place not to far northwest of Portland. This was not the first time we visited, but it was the first time with a camera. I miss real nature.

This is the first picture of our new cat! I took this picture in February 1997, a few months after Krys's cat died. When we moved to Portland Jezebel stayed behind, and we finally brought her out in August 1996. Just before Christmas she died, rather mysteriously. We were very upset and decided to wait a while before getting a new one. At the animal shelter, Zoe was the friendliest cat, so we took her home. Little did we know she would turn into the evil creature she is today!

(That's a bit unfair. She is very friendly, unless you pet her too much. Then she turns on you quickly. She also does not like the children, but luckily for all concerned she stays away from them most of the time.)

Then, in March, we were off to the desert - more specifically, Kah Nee Ta resort and casino on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in central Oregon. It's amazing how once you cross the Cascades, you're into the desert - we had been there briefly once before, when we drove the Mackenzie River Highway, but this time we spent a few days there, and it's weird knowing that it's there just over the mountains when the western part of the state is so lush.

Here's the road leading to the resort. The lonely road through the desert ...

I love the choice lands the Indians got for their reservation.

Here are some pictures of the area with people in them. Krys, my mom, and me, to be specific. The casino is decent, I suppose - kind of small. They gave us $20 with which to gamble, and on low ante blackjack tables (I think the minimum was $3), I can play for a long time with twenty bucks. So it was fun. The second picture I like because it looks as if Krys and I are trying not to fall down. The wind was really strong out there! And I dig the last picture because it looks like I really have something on my mind. Nothing deep, I can assure you of that!

The resort had a pool, as all good resorts do, and it was heated, so we enjoyed the 80-degree temperature while it was 30 degrees outside. My mom took a lot of pictures of the pool, which was weird. This is the only one with people in it, so she couldn't even use that as an excuse:

Driving home, we took a neat picture of Mount Hood from the east. We rarely saw it this way, so we were jazzed by it. Yes, we're geeks.

So that was our brief sojourn to the desert. Little did we know that soon we would call a worse desert home!

Nik has much better pictures of Eastern Oregon, by the way. Go here and here to check them out!

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Blogger T. said...

That cat is awesome!! I'm trying to catch a certain stray near my house myself, not having much luck.

28/6/06 2:10 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

She is a very cool kitty. I don't know how to lure cats to you, but good luck!

28/6/06 3:13 PM  

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