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Odd flotsam and jetsam

In the absence of links this week, I'd like to offer up some strange things from around my world. Because I can!

A guy sent me an e-mail asking me to promote his blog. He was doing it because he reads Comics Should Be Good, but I thought I'd promote it here, as well. It's actually pretty funny: Marmaduke Can Vote, a blog at which he rewrites Marmaduke comic panels to make them political. Go check it out if you have the time.

I also got an e-mail from a Burgas in England who Googled his name and found my blog. Hi, Richard. "Burgas" is a somewhat unusual name, so it's interesting to hear from one that is probably not related to me, except perhaps in some vague tangential sense (I don't know - maybe we're closely related!).

I was out and about yesterday and saw this car in a parking lot. If your eyes bleed, remember, I saw it live:

The front license plate read "Because I'm a Princess, that's why". Sigh. Just another person who will be put in the camps when I'm dictator.

This past week we had a new sink installed. Behold its excellence!

Smokey saw the sink and proclaimed it good.

And then, because he drank the forbidden water, he was possessed by Satan!

Strange things are afoot right outside our door, as well. The wind has been swirling the leaves into very cool fractal-type patterns:

I was cleaning the litter boxes, and I went around to the side of the house to wash them out with the hose. Inexplicably, someone had left a bicycle propped up against my house:

I have no idea what to do with it. I suppose I could ask a few neighbors if they know whose it is, but other than that, I have no idea. I'm still mulling it over. Anyone want a bike? You'll have to pay for shipping, but otherwise, it's free!

My cousin Kim has been doing some modeling, apparently. She's been in at least two different magazines. In these first two, I love how bored she looks. It's like she's been a supermodel for years!
Kim 1
Kim 2
Kim 3
I don't know what they did to her eyelashes in the last one but you can find it here, along with some other models. I'm just glad they didn't put her in the clothes the first model on the page is wearing, because you shouldn't see your cousin dressed like that! It's icky. Good for you, Kim, if you're reading.

I got a pretty good fortune the last time we got Chinese food:
I hope you can read it, because it's my kind of fortune! It's not the best one I ever got, which was, and I'm not kidding, "You are going to get some new clothes." I loved that fortune. Concise, to the point, realistic. I kept it for years but lost it somewhere. Oh well.

Finally, I found my favorite business card not long ago. I had lost it for a while. I can't even remember where I got it, but it's brilliant. When I am important enough to have a business card, it will look something like this:

Now that's the kind of guy you want at your next party!

I'll try to provide many and sundry links next weekend. We'll see how the week goes and how busy I am. As the kids get bigger and less inclined to lie still while I surf the 'net (that Norah - growing up like that!), I can't do it as often because I need to keep an eye on them. Darned kids!

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