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18 March 1890

Otto von Bismarck forced to resign as Germany's chancellor.

Lots of interesting stuff today - the death of Ivan the Terrible, the destruction of the Paris Commune - but this might be the most significant event. Bismarck had been the virtual ruler of first Prussia and then, from 1871, a united Germany for 28 years, but he had a lot of enemies, especially among Germany's liberals and young'uns. In 1888 Prince Wilhelm became Kaiser Wilhelm II, and he didn't like Bismarck either - partly because he felt that Bismarck was holding him back from becoming a truly great leader. Wilhelm, a bit of a wuss, didn't fire Bismarck, but worked against him for two years until this date, when the old Iron Chancellor finally quit. Interestingly enough, the "liberal" Wilhelm immediately began a long process of belligerence that led to a world war that Bismarck almost certainly would have done anything he could to avert. Bismarck led his country into plenty of wars - with Denmark, with Austria, with France - but only when he was positive they would win. World War I, despite Wilhelm's confidence, was a daunting task, and Bismarck probably would have left Austria to its fate.

Bismarck is a fascinating dude. Edward Crankshaw's nice biography is a very good read, if you're interested in him.

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