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Redneck palm pilots, urinal thoughts, evil comic books, and books bound with human skin - can it be the links?

So, another week, another bunch o' links. The World Wide Web opens up to us, and we must gaze deep within it and tremble with fear at the depths of the depravity!

And it wouldn't kill you to sign my GuestMap, you know. Or maybe it would ... Take a chance!

It's the fun side of cyberspace. Let's loosen you up a bit.

Roger brings us good quotes about politicians and, incongruously, German truck art!

This is from last week, but I missed it, so I thought I'd include it: A very funny naked lady joke. Completely inoffensive. I promise. Trust me.

Jon gives us the secret to a lasting marriage.

It's a redneck palm pilot!

Sarcasmo links to Barbie's love dilemma. It's a set of 25 photos, so you have to go through them and read the commentary, but it's extremely funny. You must believe me!

Mr. Nice Guy offers some friendly advice for married men.

Thoughts about urinals. Don't fret - nothing icky! He does link to this, however, which is truly weird.

Jules gives us similes for families as written by children. Brilliant and kooky. They're kids - of course they'll be brilliant and kooky!

I assume everyone has heard of Tony Blair's national "respect agenda" and the parenting schools in England? Of course you have. These stories lead Mr. Nice Guy to think about classes about parenting that he would take.

Guess what? Wednesday was the tenth anniversary of the release of Showgirls. I still have not seen the whole thing, if you can believe it. Will Pfeifer has a wonderful retrospective.

Larry King interviews James Frey and helps us understand the controversy. I haven't read Frey's book A Million Little Pieces, nor do I have any interest in doing so. Apparently it's controversial because he made it up. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Twelve minutes of hell with Colin Cowherd. This is very geeky and deals with sports (Cowherd, in case you haven't read my rants about him before, host a show on ESPN Radio). But it's also very funny and rips Cowherd's Hall of Fame arguments to shreds.

Roxy has a fun post about driving a stick shift.

All about the politics. Nothing about the confirmation hearings, I promise.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Nelson Mandela. Mother Theresa. Gandhi. Tookie Williams? Kindred spirits, according to this guy. Money quote (actually, there are a lot of them, but I liked this one): "King stood for peace and was killed. Williams stood for peace and was killed." Brilliant. Yes, King would have forgiven Williams, because that's the groovy kind of guy that King was. But I don't see any of those people listed above founding murderous gangs and killing four people. Whatever Williams came to realize in jail. I found this at Andrew Sullivan.

You want to blame Bush about this, but you can't: The government is reading your mail and has been for years. Wonderful. This is from Balloon Juice.

How can we get intelligent design into the schools? Teach it in philosophy class! Lots of links here to the various stories.

Apparently, Michelle Malkin claims the conservatives go after their own bad boys and the real extremists on their side of the aisle. Orcinus calls her out (check out why). I doubt she'll rise to the challenge. I got this at Shakespeare's Sister in a long post that only tangentially mentions the link.

From the far north comes the news that the "vampyre" gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota backs the public impaling of terrorists. Awesome. I'm not kidding, either: Here's his web site. Didn't Minnesotans elect Jesse Ventura as governor? Why not this guy?

Canada considers allowing polygamous marriages. Those wacky Canadians! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'll consider polygamous marriages when men allow women to marry more than one man. Most men would think that's crazy. I found this at The Cranky Professor.

Enter the comic book section. Fear it!

This is a very interesting review of Waid and Kitson's Legion of Super Heroes.

Tony Stark writes an open letter to Marvel. Yes, it's nerdy, but very funny.

Scipio has an interesting theory about Infinite Crisis and House of M and Kurt Busiek's role in them.

Greg (not me) really hates All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #3. I haven't read it, but I don't blame him.

 Posted by PicasaWithout the benefit of looking at subtext, this is somewhat of an innocuous cover. Good thing John looks at the subtext and shows us a bunch of other icky stuff that happens to poor Spider-Woman! And if that's not enough, he then shows us what happened the first time Spider-Man and Spider-Woman met:
 Posted by PicasaThat's just creepy, Peter.

Tim looks at what might be the most evil comic book ever.

Bill points out that Krypton should have had a better warning label - so he made his own! You can make your own, too - right here.

Jake takes a deep, insightful look at the monkey sex issue of Powers. He comes to some chilling conclusions about its author, Brian Michael Bendis. Not for the faint of heart!

The miscellany. Where the really scary stuff lurks!

Here's a gallery of the best UFO pictures ever. I'm not a big UFO guy, but these are neat. I found this at Highway 62.

Chuck Norris seems like a cool guy. Here he responds to all those "facts" about him. You know, these facts. I found this at Ace of Spades.

Also from Ace of Spades, we get this story: A woman says "yes" to everyone who asks her out for a year. It was in 1998, by the way, and she met her husband that year. She's written a book. Naturally.

Danielle makes fun of "Free Tibet" stickers on cars. I'm totally with her on that.

Here's a bizarre story: A woman who died in August 2003 in front of her television set was found last week. Weird.

Read all about the end of the Great Missouri Kilt Controversy. More insanity from the school systems of America.

Work Clothing
According to this article, a woman in the workplace dressed like the one on the left will be perceived as stupid, while the woman dressed like the one on the right (they're the same woman, by the way) will be perceived as smart. Ah, sexism in society is truly excellent. There is, of course, a happy medium between those two, but it's still sad that we view women this way. This comes from Ace of Spades, where the comments reveal that most of his readers are male and stupid.

Here's a story about various libraries that have books bound in human skin. Coooooool.

Here's a fun story for all the parents out there: Most over-the-counter cough syrups don't work. I found the story at Dadcentric.

Very good reasons why you shouldn't wear diamonds. I have tried to tell my students this in the past, using a few of these (I didn't know the rest). They ignored me.

According to Jesus used cannabis. For healing, you hippies! I found the link atLaura's blog.

In case you really want to know everything about the new Rocky movie, Augie points us to its blog. I know we're all excited about Rocky VI. Right?

 Posted by PicasaI know it's not a pleasant thing, but explosions of atomic bombs can be fascinating and beautiful things. You can check out some images here (and buy the book 100 Suns). I found this at Mister Snitch.

 Posted by PicasaThis story about glowing pigs has to be fake, right? I don't know. I'm just not buying it. I found this at Ace of Spades.

This is a weird story: A homework assignment for ninth-graders that asked them to research pornography on the Internet has been canceled. The teacher wanted to discuss the harmful effects of porn - a noble goal, to be sure - but why would any teacher think this is a good idea? WHY????

Westerville, Ohio, long known as the "dry capital of the world," is no longer banning alcohol. A victory for the Forces of Evil! I found the link at Fall of the State.

As the folk at Go Fug Yourself put it, "[t]here is something totally delightful about the fact that Brenda Strong - who, Desperate Housewives be damned, will always be Sue Ellen Mischke the Braless Wonder from Seinfeld to me - is out and about in what looks like a long-line bra:
 Posted by PicasaOne wonders if Ms. Strong appreciates her choice of outfit.

Lots of cool pictures of Seattle. I miss going up to Seattle. This is from Welcome to Blog.

There are two weird things about this story. First, it's about the one-eyed cat in Redmond, Oregon. Scientists say it's possible. If you click the link, you'll see the second weird thing; or I should say, you won't see it. When I first saw this story, they had a picture of the cat. Boy, it was freaky-looking. Now the picture is gone. Did people complain because it was too freaky? I don't know. Search for the picture if you're into weird stuff.

Breaking news: Shelley Winters has died at 85. Is it too late to dedicate the remake of The Poseidon Adventure to her? Tom Peyer remembers her from a "Batman"-the-television-show point-of-view.

That's all for this week. Yes, I'm ending on the sad news about Shelley Winters. I hope you enjoy all the crap that the Internet has to offer!


Blogger Big Blotto said...

Great links as always!

15/1/06 5:36 AM  
Blogger Chance said...

As for the sexism link, I'd say that it is, in fact, stupid to dress like the girl at left at work. I would think a guy in a muscle T and tight jeans at work was stupid, too.

15/1/06 11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed with chance.

If the scenario was of seeing the woman outside of work, then, yeah, it would be wrong to assume the casually dressed woman is dumber.

But in an office environment, dressing like that certainly raises questions about her judgement.

A guy in short-shorts would raise similar questions.

I'd actually argue it's less about gender discrimination than about class discrimination. Clothing carries a load of class symbolism, and with class comes a variety of stereotypes and prejudices.

The sexy outfit could be replaced with, I dunno, a sweatshirt, turtleneck, and manky leggings or out-of-style acidwashed jeans, with the same effect.

15/1/06 2:49 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

The point about class discrimination is certainly interesting. It's true that the style of dress is often linked to thoughts about class, and not necessarily sex. Hmmm ...

15/1/06 5:05 PM  
Blogger collectededitions said...

Much belated, I know, but thanks for the link to our Legion review. Look for us to (finally) review more Legion trades after the new year.

All the best!

5/12/07 7:53 PM  

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