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11 January 1757

Alexander Hamilton is born in the West Indies.

Bastard. Revolutionary War hero. Member of the Continental Congress. First Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. Killed in a duel. Quite a life for Hamilton.

Hamilton's mother abandoned her husband and took up with James Hamilton, a Scottish laird who had come to the Caribbean to make his fortune. She lived with Hamilton for eight years and bore him two sons. In 1765 he abandoned her, and she died of fever two years later, leaving Hamilton an orphan at age 11. He was a hard worker and self-educated, and his talents were recognized by Reverend Hugh Knox, who had been educated in New Jersey. Knox sent Hamilton to New York, where arrived at the age of 16 in 1773. Just in time to make his mark. The sky was the limit for Hamilton. Until, you know, he pissed off Aaron Burr.


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