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Spanking strippers, suburban Darth Vader, child philosophers, corrupt states - they're all here in the links!

[UPDATE: Tom Peyer pointed out that none of my links work. They should be fixed now. STUPID GODDAMNED BLOGGER!]

Well, after the heavy ranting about important things these past few days, it's Sunday, and that means links, links, links! I appreciate all the people who commented about my two previous posts. It's always nice to hear encouragement and some dissent, because I like to be a pretty open-minded guy. This is what we need in America: real debate, instead of shouting at each other all the time. Anyway, it's good to see. But that's not getting us any closer to the links!

Comics stuff. Because the nerds come first this week!

This is an interesting post about the Internet and how it changed comic book reading.

I know everyone is always looking for independent comics, so check this out. It's Puppet Terrors!

I just like this panel. I stole it from Dave's Long Box. Check out the great 1980s hair on Beatriz! Posted by Picasa

Tim O'Neil has another edition of Dr. Doom's mailbag. Check out the third letter, from a very familiar brunette.

Who can resist old horror magazines? No one! DC Conspiracy links to this site, where you can see dozens of old covers, most of which feature scantily-clad women getting menaced by monsters like this one:
Horror magazine

Comic book characters make tea. Read the comments, too, because they're very funny. In the comment section I found ...

This! "Brian Michael Bendis" writes a stirring tale of Ultimate Peter Parker and Mary Jane! Very funny, but only if you know Bendis's writing style.

This and this are very interesting analyses of Flex Mentallo. If you don't know what Flex Mentallo is, you’re obviously not a comic book fan. If you are a comic book and have never read Flex Mentallo, I feel very bad for you. It's brilliant.

Because he can, Dorian gives us

this porn comic cover. Posted by Picasa

Kevin shows us rock and roll stars on comic book covers, plus a link to more. You must see the Vanilla Ice one! And there's a Brian Bolland Prince cover.

Fun Stuff. It's always good to check out fun stuff.

Philosophy from children! Ah, the children are wise!

Five little-known facts about the Declaration of Independence. You really should be reading Drink at Work all the time.

How to contend with a bothersome coworker. See? Read Drink at Work!

I'm not sure if I've linked to this before, but what the hell: It's Pulp Fiction with bunnies!

Check out the first photo on this post and read how it happened.

John Cole points us to this tragic story about Judith Miller complaining about the desecration of the New York Times. Funny stuff.

The adventures of Darth Vader in the suburbs. No, really. See?
Darth Vader

Larry Young has a cool link to John Purlia's page, where you can check out bizarre images like this:

Party Crashers at the Black Tie Gala on Planet Suave. They're all weird like this! Posted by Picasa

Dr. Doom reviews Fantastic Four. Funny stuff from Heretical Ideas.

Cookie Monster and porn! Oh, would I lead you anywhere disgusting? It's fun!

Here are some suggestions on new, fun ways to name hurricanes.

Layne's excellent comic strip, &, +, and ... gets its own site. More proof that most people are more talented than I am!

Political stuff. Because I haven't ranted enough about politics this week!

Thoughts on the Pledge of Allegiance. John Cole also links to the three different pledges throughout history and some writers coming up with their own.

A story (and link) to the ranking of states' corruption. Arizona is way down on the list! Yippee! Mississippi is first. Who would have believed it?

Echidne points out an interview with George Bush. Here's the whole thing. It's amazing. A journalist actually asks our president tough questions and doesn't let him off the hook. Of course, he's a British journalist.

Andrew Sullivan points us to excerpts from Rick Santorum's book! Oh, they're good. Catholics for Rick Santorum has more excerpts, some of them the same. This is fun, because the same ones the first link think are bad the second one thinks are fine. Without even really commenting on them. Pennsylvanians (of which I am one in spirit), please vote this kook out of office!

Here and here we have neat posts about pediatricians promoting safe sex programs and how they're running afoul of fundamentalists. Sigh. Will the madness ever end? Those foolish pediatricians and their "science."

Avedon Carol has a link to this and this, which are about the worst 100 Americans. Michael Moore is number one. Wonder which side of political spectrum the author is on?

Interesting stuff here and here about economics at a community college.

Here's a post about absolutism on the right, which ties in with this post about politics in Star Wars.

Here's a Fantastic Four "movie" poster. Note the quotation marks and in which category it is listed!

This is an interesting post about the invasion of privacy by the government. And to show I'm not a complete raving liberal, here's an actual post defending having cameras everywhere and recording everything you do. Because I'm a raving liberal (although not wanting cameras recording everything I do seems more of a conservative thing), I will say the second post is not something I agree with, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

Some thoughts on how to get serious about Africa. Serious? We're Americans! We don't need to take anything seriously, except who's going to win American Idol! Speaking of Africa, Catallarchy links to this interview with a Kenyan economist who wants the West to stop giving money to Africa. It's something I advocate, and he makes a much more compelling case than I could.

If you haven't read too much about it yet, here and here are some first hand accounts of the London terror attack. I know there are more, but these are two of them. Both of these come from Andrew Sullivan.

Meanwhile, here is some disturbing fiction about the London bombings. It feels true, though, which is why it's disturbing.

More on the bombing: has Al-Qaeda really screwed up with this attack? Read why they might have! (Beside the obvious of making everyone hate them even more.)

I'm sure a lot of people don't want to hear this right now, but here is a very reasoned plea for pacifism in the wake of the bombings. I got this from Science and Politics.

An imam condemns the London attacks. Nice to see.

Balloon Juice has the story about a natural science museum in Kentucky that will include a section on Genesis. The madness continues. Cole links to his source, and the original story is here.

Sarah Vowell (of Assassination Vacation and Incredibles fame) loves Pat Robertson! How nice. I still don't trust him.

Another story about the lousy health insurance in America. Yes, it's an anecdote, but still.

A while ago I mentioned the zoo in Tulsa that was going to have a creationism display. Well, they voted against it. Some sanity restored, I suppose. This is from my source for all things creationist, Pharyngula.

A little more on the racist Mexican stamps, including a link to proposed "retaliatory" stamps that are pretty funny.

Miscellaneous. Gots to have the miscellany!

Here's an interesting blog. A theme is posted every day, and commenters write a story about it in 100 words or less. Don't be scared of the picture of Les Nessman at the top!

This is one of those things I had in my mysteriously vanishing links post from last week. It's Malls of America, which has photos of malls from the 1950s, '60s, and '70s.

Here's one of Lloyd Center, "the bigggest mall in Oregon" (that used to be their slogan; I don't know if it still is). This is back when malls would make the future a wonderful place instead of being the blight on the landscape they are today. Posted by Picasa

Bad writing costs employers money. I get very miffed at poor writing, since I am sort of an English teacher. Schools don't teach it, and then the workplace has to pick up the slack.

Racy teacher attire and its problems! Yes, it's David Lee Roth's fantasy come true! This comes from Education Wonks.

Hey, have you ever wondered which fictional characters are the wealthiest? Sure you have! Go here to see a list! This is courtesy of your Daily Dose of Insanity.

This guy hates horses. A lot. I mean, really. If you like horses even a little bit, this is not for you. It's still pretty funny.

Karla Homolka says she's not a threat to children. If you don't know who Homolka is, read all about her here, and then decide if she's a threat to children. What do my Canadian readers say?

A Russian astrologer sues NASA for smashing that comet. I hope she wins! Damned NASA, screwing up a hard science like astrology!

Well, this is just weird. Not dirty (fret not!), just weird. It comes from Beth's blog.

Are you ready for the air guitar championships? This comes from the Huffington Post.

A cop stops a couple so he can convert them to Christianity. I won't give you a prize if you guess what section of the country this was in. I found this at Welcome to the Sideshow.

You all want to know about the Tanzanian seaweed farmer, don't you? Of course you do!

A man lights himself on fire to propose. I can't make weird stuff like this up, people!

This can't be real, can it? I got this from Legal XXX via Ace of Spades. Posted by Picasa

By the way, I'm sure you have all demanded your gay cable channel! It's really not that interesting yet. Lots of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Get some better programming, Logo!

This is just a horrible story. Bounty hunters drag the wrong woman out of her house, and the cops help them! Just sickening.

Damn. The "Whorehouse Days" festival has been canceled in Minnesota. I was planning on going this weekend, too!

The police were called to O.J. Simpson's over the July Fourth weekend. I'm sorry to make such a lame joke, but they should stop him before he kills for the first time!

Here's a story: Three strippers were arrested for "allegedly spanking a trucker at his 31st birthday bash and severely bruising his backside." I'm sorry, but isn't that the chance you take at a strip club? What a tool this guy is if he presses charges.

Here's a good one: A man has sued Massachusetts for the right to get drunk. I'd explain, but it's kind of complicated. Go read!

Will having a blog keep you from getting a job? This comes from Another Damned Medievalist. Fret not, loyal readers! I have no ambition to get a job, so I will continue with this mess you're reading now!

But guess what? Here's yet more blogging horror stories! It's like blogs are the new crack or something!

Hey, there's a girl in the Baseball Hall of Fame! Okay, not really, but she did something cool in Little League. This comes from Balloon Juice.

It turns out the early Australians were to blame for mass extinctions. I thought everyone but industrialized countries lived in harmony with nature? My dad will love this story. This comes from Catallarchy.

Who doesn't love circus freaks! Dark, but Shining links to this great site, which has representations of circus freaks in various famous poses. Very cool.

See? Like this one ... Posted by Picasa

and this one. Posted by Picasa

This is so weird: Sheep jump to their deaths in Turkey.

Scary stuff from Japan Posted by Picasa and

Chicks with guns. Posted by Picasa
Both of these are from Factum: Face the Fact.

Style magazine did a story about Katie Holmes. Read it here! Why should you care, since she's a vapid celebrity? Because it's quite spooky. Of course it's about her romance, but when you read it all at once instead of just getting snippets of the story, it's spooky. This is from Monitor Duty.

The number of cell phones in the United States finally surpass land lines. I still hate my cell phone, even though I use it. Yes, I'm a Luddite.

Here's a story about a 20-year-old father of 6. No, you did not read that wrong. A 20-year-old father of 6. He first became a father when he was 13. He's going to get a vasectomy. You think? This is from Mr. Nice Guy. The whole post is good, actually. This story is just a tiny part of it.

I should start a "zombie" section exclusively for people like Zombie Tom. Here's a puzzler: What happens to zombies when they can't get brains?

My pal Roxy sent me this story, which is sad and funny all at the same time. The headlines says it all: Man faints, dies after seeing epidural. Oh, the humanity!

If you don't know who G.G. Allin is, go here for a short bio. My friend John introduced me to his "music" in college, and I'm a poorer person because of it. He has to be one of the most disgusting people ever.

That was fun, wasn't it? A nice way to kill a Sunday and Monday, right? Ah, the struggle I go through to entertain! Sorry it took so long - it's totally my fault for being stupid. But like a good American, I will shift the blame somewhere else. Stupid Blogger!


Blogger Stang said...

Great selection as always... but I'm sorry to be the one to tell you today's links have been Bloggered, which is to say your url has been added to theirs & they won't go anywhere. I find this happens to me sometimes when I edit in "Compose" view, so I don't use it anymore.



10/7/05 4:25 PM  
Blogger N said...

Yes, you'll have to fix them all, I'm afraid, Greg. Chop chop! Go to man!

10/7/05 4:30 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

DAMN IT! I'll get on it soon. This is why I fucking hate Blogger.

10/7/05 5:07 PM  
Blogger Roxy said...

We'll wait, never fear. It looks like it is worth the wait!

10/7/05 5:43 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

My god, that's a scary pic of a couple of Japanese men.
Off to read the story about the 20 year old father of 6. Great links again.

10/7/05 9:51 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

I bet the suburbs can beat down even Darth Vadar with the sheer ordinariness of life there, Greg.

11/7/05 8:45 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...


I can't believe you linked Catallarchy about the African economist, and not me. I wrote about it last week, sort of:

Thanks for the info about the comic book store. I'm not huge into it. Just mildly. Batman, Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge (don't laugh. I've been reading them since I knew how).

Moving to Mesa next week. I have a degree in English and an MA in English/American Studies. Is it possible to teach high school in AZ without the whole college teaching certificate thing?



11/7/05 11:37 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Sorry - I missed your post about it. I suck.

Unfortunately, it's no longer possible to teach in AZ without a certificate. We have more charter schools than any state, but next school year (I think), everyone has to be certified. You can probably get a job without a certificate, but you'll need to get one ASAP.

11/7/05 3:03 PM  
Blogger Astrid said...

Hey, did I get you hooked on the Factum:Face the Fact-side? That's pretty neat!!!

13/7/05 1:17 PM  
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