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I was strolling down the path toward the soccer field at Red Mountain Park on Tuesday night (we lost and I got pulled from goal after giving up two goals early in the second half - I was pretty pissed, as you can imagine, at myself primarily, but that's really a story for another day) and I was eavesdropping on two women. Well, actually, I wasn't eavesdropping, I was just walking past them, but I couldn't help overhearing some of their conversation. It was actually more of a monologue, because one woman was just listening. Two kids tagged along with them, and at least one of them appeared to be the woman's who was talking, as she took a maternal tone with the girl at least once. It's something to bear in mind when you read this tale.

Anyway, the woman was talking about her significant other. She mentioned that they were flying to a wedding on Thursday morning (this morning) and that he knew about this months ago, yet he still went off to play in a competitive poker tournament. Now, we have casinos around here, because it's the only thing those damned Indians are any good at - taking white men's money! - but I got the feeling this tournament was in Las Vegas or someplace out of town, because it sounded like she wasn't go to see him over the next few days. She was bitching to her friend that the tournament didn't end until Thursday night but he damned well better be on the plane Thursday morning. She said that if he was still in the tournament on Wednesday night, she supposed it would be a good thing, because it meant he was winning, but that he knew about their travel plans a long time ago and she wouldn't be happy with him if he was still playing. Then she mentioned that he was in the poker tournament because he had to recoup his losses. Now, I'm not sure if she meant his losses from another tournament, because after some mumbling between the two (and I'm not that uncouth to ask them to please speak up so I can hear them), I hear her say that he dropped three hundred (300) dollars at a "tittie bar." She then said she wouldn't have minded if he lost 300 bucks at a poker tournament, but she did mind him losing it "stuffing it in girls' g-strings." She then told her friend, "I'd give him a lap dance when he gets home if it means so much to him."

Then I walked on and missed the rest of the conversation. My first thought: this guy is a tool, and I felt bad for the woman for how he treated her. Then I thought: she's a tool too for putting up with that behavior, and they deserve each other.

That's my little slice of Americana for the day. Anyone think I have a future as the next Garrison Keillor?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Bungie, I don't know if you haven't been watching ESPN for the last few years, but it seems the tournament in question could happen to be one of the events in the 2005 World Series of Poker.

Lots of folks "win" seats to these events (usually by winning smaller 'satellite' tournaments in online poker rooms - that's how the VP of our programming dept. won a seat to the $10,000 main event next month), so perhaps he's only recouping nudey bar losses. although if it was this wed-thursday, then I'd probably choose the wedding - 7 card razz is a horrible, horrible game to play. Funny to watch tho.

30/6/05 4:37 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Most of that was gibberish to me, Leapin', because I don't care about poker, but thanks for explaining the mid-week thing.

I still think he's a tool.

30/6/05 5:11 PM  
Blogger fdfs said...

I agree --- they deserve each other.

30/6/05 8:00 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Hi Nick. I don't know how you found me, but I hope you come back. I'll have to read your blog - it looks very interesting.

30/6/05 8:39 PM  
Blogger fdfs said...

Hi, Greg.

I dunno how I found you either. Google? Linked off saome other blog? Been reading a while.

1/7/05 7:32 PM  
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