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What have we learned - Week 12

You know what we learned? We learned that it's time for me to stop watching professional football this season. Oh well. Therefore, we'll have a truncated post, as I simply don't care about the pros ... well, most of them!

Penn State won the Big Eleven by thumping Michigan State 49-18, and anyone who claims Ohio State is the co-champion can suck it, just like they could in 2005. The situations are the same: in both years, the teams had the same conference record, which means the Big Eleven allows them to share the title. But in both years, Penn State had a better overall record (11-1 to 10-2) and they beat Ohio State head-to-head. Only in a universe that wants Ohio State or Michigan to always be Big Eleven champion does this situation stand. The Big Eleven should tell Ohio State they can't call themselves co-champs. Sheesh. However, the Lions are going to the Rose Bowl, where they may play Oregon State, who escaped Tucson with a two-point win over Arizona. The Beavers have to beat Oregon in Corvallis this weekend, which is no easy feat, as although it's a home game for OSU, Eugene isn't that far away and the crowd will probably be split. I have no interest in doing the research, but I wonder how many times a bowl game has featured a rematch from that season. Many people do not want a Penn State-Oregon State Rose Bowl because the Lions thumped the Beavers earlier this year, but OSU is playing much better these days. Of course, many people don't want it because they can't stand the thought of USC not playing in the Rose Bowl, but I say that the Trojans probably should have shown up for their game in Corvallis. Suck it, Trojans! In other collegiate news, Wisconsin almost lost to a Division 1-AA team (Cal Poly) at home. Cal Poly missed three PATs and a field goal. Man, the Badgers suck this year. Texas Tech lost by 44 points and is still ranked ahead of Penn State in the BCS standings. Oklahoma is whining about Texas being ranked ahead of them, but the Longhorns beat the Sooners, so suck it, Oklahoma! (Yes, a lot of teams can suck it today.) I really wish the pollsters had dropped Florida just because the Gators had the gall to schedule the Citadel in November. Penn State could conceivably play in the National Championship game - Alabama has to play Auburn and Florida, Florida has to play Florida State and Alabama, Texas has to play Texas A&M and Missouri (probably), Oklahoma has to play Oklahoma State and Missouri (if they get that far), Texas Tech gets to play Baylor, but if they get lucky and make it to the Big XII Championship Game, they have to play Missouri, and USC has a scrimmage against Notre Dame (who lost, wonderfully, to Syracuse at home) and a rivalry game against UCLA. Lots of things have to happen, but it could fall into place! I have a feeling that if, say, Alabama and Florida both lose before the SEC Championship Game, if Florida wins and therefore has two losses but is SEC Champ, they'll play for the National Championship before Penn State, who has one loss. Damn, we need a playoff. And then there's the Big East and the ACC, where the champions get a Big Bowl Bid. With apologies to Woody!, Cincinnati (which has the inside track to winning the Big East) doesn't deserve a BCS Bowl bid. That's a joke. You have to like what the Bearcats have done this year, but when they win a conference while playing their, what, fourth quarterback this season, that conference stinks. The Big East has been a joke since Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College left, but ironically, those teams have helped make the ACC a joke, too. Finally, back out west, Cal beat Stanford in the Big Game, and Washington State somehow defeated Washington in what had to be the worst college football game in history - it even went into overtime, for crying out loud!

As for the Eagles ... well, Andy Reid did the right thing and said he was starting Donovan McNabb at quarterback for Thursday's game. It won't make much difference, but McNabb deserves to start. I'm happy to see that not only pundits, but fans are starting to realize it's not McNabb, it's Reid. He needs to go. I only hope they get rid of him and bring in a coach who likes to run (Bill Cowher needs a job, doesn't he?) and decides to keep McNabb around. But I'm sick of pro football. Except ...

The Grey Cup has been won! Yes, the Canadian Football League held its championship game yesterday (for the 96th time, mind you - take that, Vince Lombardi Trophy!), and ex-Temple quarterback Henry Burriss led the Calgary Stampeders to a 22-14 win over the Montreal Alouettes. Of course Montreal lost - they're named after a children's nursery rhyme! Let's all give a cheer to quarterbacks from Temple U. winning the most coveted trophy in the entire world!

I haven't renounced my allegiance to the Eagles, but I may have to take a break from watching them for the rest of the season. I mean, that game was just sad ... and I only watched it until it was 15-7, Ravens. Imagine how stupid I would have felt if I had persisted in watching? Sheesh.

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Anonymous disintegrating clone said...

Hey Greg, you can't quit before the Browns-Eagles. Cleveland's imploded again. It's twenty years since we won the division, and I'm so sick of losing I'm on the verge of quitting all sports for good.

24/11/08 12:58 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I may still watch them, DC - the wife got my Sunday Ticket for a reason - and I might even have the stomach for posting about it. Man, that Cleveland-Philly game is going to be stinky, isn't it?

24/11/08 2:19 PM  
Blogger Woody! said...

You can dog the Big East if you want, but I think this year's whipping boy should be the ACC.

And how about that tie last week? We find it amusing in Bengals Nation but since you guys actually had dreams and aspirations, it must have been crushing.

26/11/08 5:42 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

I don't know, Woody - the ACC doesn't have any great teams, but they don't have any truly terrible teams either. Even Duke is sort of competitive! Neither conference is any good, but I shouldn't talk, because Penn State got knocked down so much because the Big Eleven isn't very good either.

I don't want to talk about the tie. Damn IT!!!!!!

26/11/08 7:15 AM  
Anonymous disintegrating clone said...

Surely in this grim season we can talk about a moment of priceless entertainment? I mean, your quarterback didn't know the game had ended even after his coach made him throw a Hail Mary.

28/11/08 8:57 AM  

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