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Why the Giants will not beat the Buccaneers

Everyone seems to think that the Giants' game against the New England Cheaters last weekend will give them momentum going into their playoff game in Tampa. The Giants played very well and, the pundits say, this bodes well for their game. But does it?

Here is the teams who played the Cheaters this year:
1. New Jersey Jets (L, 14-38)
2. San Diego Chargers (L, 14-38)
3. Buffalo Bills (L, 7-38)
4. Cincinnati Bengals (L, 13-34)
5. Cleveland Browns (L, 17-34)
6. Dallas Cowboys (L, 27-48)
7. Miami Dolphins (L, 28-49)
8. Washington (L, 7-52)
9. Indianapolis Colts (L, 20-24)
10. Bye
11. Buffalo Bills (L, 10-56)
12. Philadelphia Eagles (L, 28-31)
13. Baltimore Ravens (L, 24-27)
14. Pittsburgh Steelers (L, 13-34)
15. New Jersey Jets (L, 10-20)
16. Miami Dolphins (L, 7-28)
17. New Jersey Giants (L, 35-38)

Here are their games following the week they played New England:
Game 2: New Jersey Jets vs. Baltimore: L, 13-20
Game 3: San Diego Chargers vs. Green Bay: L, 24-31
Game 4: Buffalo Bills vs. New Jersey Jets: W, 17-14
Game 5: Cincinnati Bengals: bye.
Game 6: Cleveland Browns vs. Miami: W, 41-31
Game 7: Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota: W, 24-14
Game 8: Miami Dolphins vs. New Jersey Giants: L, 10-13
Game 9: Washington vs. New Jersey Jets: W, 23-20
Game 10: Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego: L, 21-23
Game 11: Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville: L, 14-36
Game 12: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle: L, 24-28
Game 13: Baltimore Ravens vs. Indianapolis: L, 20-44
Game 14: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Jacksonville: L, 22-29
Game 15: New Jersey Jets vs. Tennessee: L, 6-10
Game 16: Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati: L, 25-38

After playing the Cheaters, the teams were a combined 4-10 the week after. Buffalo and Washington beat the Jets, which wasn't that impressive, considering their record. Cleveland got to play the Dolphins and beat them. Only Dallas played a marginally good team and won. Everyone else lost. It's as if the teams gave so much in playing the Cheaters that they had nothing left for the next week. The Giants lost a few players to injury, too. So the odds are stacked against them.

Yet, a lot of experts are picking the Giants based on the fact that they almost beat New England. But the numbers are against them, people! Look to the statistics!

[Edit: Okay, maybe that stat didn't work. If Tampa hadn't given the game away, they might have had a chance. Oh well!]

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Blogger Roger Green said...

No, I'm going to pick the Giants because Tampa played in a weak division and still won going away so they could rest (and lose) the last two weeks.
And because Ronde Barber said something or other stupid that is tacked in the Giants' locker room.

But I've been wrong before.

6/1/08 5:21 AM  
Blogger Roger Green said...

Actually, the real reason I thought the Giants were going to win (yay!) was that I didn't think Jeff Garcia was going to eliminate them from the playoffs THREE YEARS IN A ROW.

So I was 3-1 over the weekend (thought Washington would pull it off). Surely you must have thoughts on the next round.

7/1/08 4:49 AM  

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