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My bold prediction

Michael Vick will not spend a day in federal prison. In fact, I think he'll probably be back on the football field next season, in 2008.

Why do I predict this? Vick pleaded guilty today, and the government is going to recommend the low end of the sentencing guidelines, 12-18 months. They want Vick to inform on other dogfighting operations, and Vick will roll over quicker than I do when my wife kicks me because I'm snoring. So that reduces his sentence even more. Eventually, because he's rich and famous, he'll get the sentence down to time in a halfway house with community service, probably for six months, which will happen early next year. By next summer he'll have "paid his debt to society." Then the pressure will begin on the commissioner to end his indefinite suspension, because "everyone deserves a second chance." I mean, he can't go get, you know, a real job, can he? He's a football player, man! Working at a place that his level of education could give him - say, an Arby's - would be unfair to poor Michael Vick! People will pressure the commissioner because Vick is being punished because of his race and because of the craziness of PETA. Leonard Little, an offensive lineman, killed a person while driving drunk and didn't miss any playing time, so why should Vick? So by September 2008, Vick will be free to sign with any team, and at least five teams will sign him.

Vick disgusts me. He fucking found Jesus now? Nice. Fuck you, Michael Vick. And the people who support him disgust me, too. Fuck you, people. I think he should be banned for life from the NFL. Pete Rose bet on baseball and he's banned for life. Michael Vick tortured other living creatures and he'll be back very soon. I feel sick that he'll probably be back next September, but I have a very sickening feeling that he will be.

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Blogger Chance said...

I think your predictions are sadly likely to occur.

27/8/07 10:18 PM  
Blogger Roger Green said...

OK. You have a judge with a tough rep to uphold, but a convict with the "redemption" angle. I'm going to split the difference: 7 months, 85% actually in jail.

28/8/07 5:57 PM  

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