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24 January 1712

Frederick the Great of Prussia is born.

Busy day, 24 January. If I'm still doing this next year I'll have to discuss the beginning of the California gold rush, the death of Winston Churchill, the marriage of Edward III, the death of Caligula, or the birth of Hadrian. But today: Frederick the Great!

Frederick II began Prussia's ascension to greatness in Europe, and it was largely because of his emphasis on military might. When he became king in 1740, the Prussian army stood at 83,000. Forty-six years later, it was at 190,000 - in a country with only 2.5 million. When he ascended to the throne, he immediately invaded Silesia (probably because it was part of Maria Theresa's Austrian Empire, and how dare a woman rule!), beginning the War of Austrian Succession and eventually securing the territory for Prussia. The Seven Years War (or, as we heathens call it, the French and Indian War) almost toppled him, but he was able to recover and Prussia emerged from the war as the premier military power in Europe. He also took a chunk of Poland in 1772.

Frederick was an "enlightened despot" of the 18th-century mold (see also: Catherine II of Russia and Louis XIV of France). He was a musician, knew Bach personally, wrote bad poetry, collected art, and was probably gay. He authored several books and patronized Voltaire. He was still autocratic, however, even though he was tolerant. He once said, "My people and I have come to a satisfactory understanding. They say what they like and I do what I like." Now that's a dictator!


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