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And Lo, My Wife Came Down from the Mountain Where She Had a Vision, and Prophesied Unto Us!

I wasn't going to make a Super Bowl prediction, because I fear that my beloved Eagles are going to lose, but last week my wife had a vision (I kid you not -- that's what she said). And she said unto me:

"I just had a vision of David Akers kicking a game-winning field goal."

How can you not love the woman? Therefore, here it is:

Philadelphia 27, New England 24. Akers kicks the game-winner at the gun while Adam Vinatieri eats his liver on the opposing sideline!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Indeed the game (even in "5's" own words) could've been a blowout, even by halftime. Not saying the birds SHOULD've won, but that they COULD've...

Repeat the Philly mantra with me: "There's always next season!"

-frank frank

8/2/05 8:03 PM  

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