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Plan your future!

We got this in the mail a few days ago, and Krys was flipping through it and found some fun classes you can take at Mesa Community College. Your future is assured if you join up with these classes! Trust me!

Razzle Dazzle Simple Bead Jewelry. You will learn to make a stunning necklace, bracelet and earrings using beautiful Swarovski crystal beads. All materials and supplies are included.

Tamales, Yes I Can!! [Two exclamation points are necessary, damn it!] Yes, you can! You will learn to make Red Chili Con Carne Burros and Chimichangas. These dishes are a Southwest tradition so join us for fun, laughter, and ethnic cooking together!

Conversations in New Thought. 'Conversations' is a discussion-based class that explores old and new ways of thinking about philosophy, religion, science and psychology.

Flirting 101. Flirting allows you to have fun no matter where you are and to interact with people you are interested in meeting. This class will cover the basics of body language: breaking the ice, small talk, how to get their number or how to terminate the interaction respectfully. You'll learn where to meet people, how to avoid common mistakes, make a good first impression and what signals you may be sending off that may be hurting you. This is for men and women who want to learn the basics of becoming comfortable in "the flirt."

Past Life Regression. This course will discuss how past lives play a major role in your current life path. Learn how to relax deeply and use you inner senses. Group regression will be performed.

Basic Belly Dancing. This class is designed for the beginner, focusing on the basic elements of Middle Eastern Dance: The elegant and graceful movements celebrate the strength and beauty of the female form, regardless of age and body shape. Body awareness, posture and the anatomy of hip work, with an introduction to the rhythm structure of the music are taught in this class, as well as putting basic steps together to create a simple dance routine. Costuming will be discussed with ideas on how to put together an inexpensive costume. Individual attention will be given to students when needed. Students should wear clothing that allows the body to move without restriction.

Italic Calligraphy. This course will introduce you to the beautiful Italic alphabet and techniques using the traditional pen. You will learn letter forms and gain detailed knowledge of the broad edge pen. Begin to use calligraphy for your personal and professional writing.

Stacks, Piles and Stash: It's Here Somewhere. Do you wonder why we keep everything? Have you tried to break this habit but need the support from a professional organizer? Then this is the class for you! This course works with emotional/mental as well as the physical reasons we have clutter in our lives and how to deal with it. Have you always wanted to learn how to set up your desk for better productivity? Come learn how to handle your mail and how to handle your paper more than once, but not a dozen times. Learn the self-talk messages when deciding to file or not to file. Second night of class will be hands-on working with our clutter.

How To Become a Mystery Shopper. Learn what a Mystery Shopper does and how to get started earning money while having fun. Typical assignments include evaluating restaurants, retail stores, banks, gas stations, and events. An optional working lunch is included. Owning or having access to a computer is highly recommended to be successful as a mystery shopper.

Look at all those great classes! Sign up now! Your future demands it!!!!!

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