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Hard core dude at the gas station/convenience store

Today I bought petrol. Usually I don't have to go inside, because the pump prints out the receipt, but it must have been out of paper, because it claimed it was printing the receipt but nothing came out. So I had to go inside and get the receipt (it was for the van, which technically belongs to Mia, so I have to keep track of the expenses, otherwise I would have skipped getting the receipt). I rarely have to go inside the convenience store when I get gas, and there's a reason why I'm glad about that!

A dude was at the counter getting rung up for his purchases. He was buying a jug of Coors. No, it wasn't a regular bottle, nor was it a 40-oz. It was kind of in between. I'll stick with "jug." This was at 10.15 in the morning, by the way. He was waiting for the clerk to get him his cigarettes. Cigarettes and beer at 10.15 in the morning! The Breakfast of Champions!

Now, someone might be tempted to joke with this dude for his purchases. As I went to the other register, I glanced over at the dude. He had a pistol strapped to his belt, just hanging out there. I suppose no one would joke around with this guy about his purchase of a jug of beer and ciggies with that gun on his hip.

What he was going to do after buying his beer and cigarettes, I don't want to know. Presumably it involved firing bullets at something while drinking and smoking. That's just the kind of hard core dudes that hang out at the Circle K, man!

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Blogger layne said...

It's Circle K.

The very name cries out for some sort of display of manly manliness, pod'ner.

T'ain't for no tenderfooted dude buyin' 'petrol', no sir, no way.

4/11/08 12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give him an hour and then insult him. He'll be too drunk to shoot straight.

4/11/08 4:01 AM  

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