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Picture Day - it's back, 2008-style!

I have been very remiss about posting pictures here, and I know you've missed them! Who doesn't love checking out photographs of my past?

So let's catch up. In February 2000 the little woman and I went snowshoe hiking in the foothills of Mount Hood, around Trillium Lake. We had decided to try to find things to do through the Parks and Rec Department, and this was the first thing we did. We drove up with a bunch of people we didn't know but who were all pretty cool, and hiked around for the day. Holy crap, was it hard! Of course, I was in much better shape eight years ago! It snowed a lot while we were out there, but we had a blast. It was one of those fun days that, years later, you look back and remember with fondness how unbelievably happy you were. Even though we were exhausted, it was a fantastic trip. Here are the photos!

Here's a placid wintry scene.

We had to cross many little streams on snow-covered logs and such. Fun!

This is Trillium Lake, which was frozen solid. Well, pretty much solid. We didn't test it.

We hiked up a lot of hills. Man, it was hard.

Of course, once we got to the top of a hill, we could run back down it! Now that was oodles of fun!

Here's another charming winter wonderland scene.

Here's Krys emerging triumphantly from the forest. It was tough tramping through the woods, so we were happy when we made it out.

Check out that handsome fellow! I wonder what happened to him? I think I ate him long ago.

Krys and I love this picture. We just collapsed in the snow and someone took our photograph. Like I said, this kind of sums up the day - tired but happy!

So that's our day snowshoeing in 2000. We haven't done it since. It's quite difficult to find snow in Phoenix, after all. We'd have to drive quite far to find it. I'll be back next week with ... well, something.

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