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Picture Day is in black and white!

On April Fool's Day 2000, Krys and I went into downtown Portland. It was a beautiful day, the kind that makes you really love living in Portland (although there are many days like that), and I had black-and-white film in my camera, so we just wandered the streets, taking pictures of the cool buildings that are all over downtown. As you check these photographs out, you'll know one of the reasons why we loved living there. It's such a neat-looking town.

This is looking south on Broadway, which not surprisingly runs through the center of town. The big building with the round top is the 1000 block, so this is probably four blocks north of that.

This building is at Broadway and Morrison. I'm not sure what building it is, but I dug the columns.

Unfortunately, the sun got in the way of this picture of the venerable Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. It's still a neat photo. Well, I think it is.

This is the Willamette Building at Third and Alder. I took it from the parking garage in which we had deposited our automobile.

Near Portland State University is the University Club at Sixth and Jefferson. It's a cool building, and I often wondered what unholy rituals were practiced within!

At Sixth and Madison stands the Ambassador apartment building. We used to look inside with a bit of longing. I'm sure the apartments were tiny and spendy, but the building was in a great location, and I'm sure they were neat even if they were small.

Hey, it's the Gilbert Building at Third and Taylor! This is yet another building on the National Historic Registry.

Finally, this is City Hall, which is on Fourth between Madison and Jefferson. It's another keen old building. It's pretty nice inside as well.

These buildings are just an example of why Portland is such a cool place. There are plenty of modern buildings in downtown, but the people don't just tear stuff down willy-nilly to throw up monstrosities. They do a good job blending the two, and this makes downtown a much more interesting and inviting place. It's much better than here, where there are a few older buildings, but most of downtown is pretty soulless. Man, I miss Portland.

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