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Picture Day: delayed!

Yes, it's Tuesday, and Picture Day is Monday! How can I call myself a conscientious blogger if I don't adhere to a completely arbitrary schedule?

It's been a rough weekend, as my wife left me (again), and I had to deal with children. I'll explain some day (or maybe I won't; I'm capricious that way). But you know what takes our minds off our day-to-day troubles? Waterfall pictures!

A few weeks after our sojourn up into the mountains, we headed south from Portland to the beautiful rustic town of Silverton (here's a map!) and Silver Falls State Park. Yes, the park is actually named after waterfalls! I'm a sucker for waterfalls, and this park delivered in spades. It was a chilly, overcast day, but it wasn't raining, and we had a nice time walking around the woods. Check the photos out:

I always dig the top of waterfalls. Don't ask me why. It's always cool to stand above them and check it out.

Here's a nice somewhat spooky shot of a waterfall.

One waterfall projects out from the rocks and you can walk underneath it. Here's one view:

Here's Krys walking behind the falls. She looks good, I swear. You just can't see her too well!

Here are the people walking behind the falls. Don't they look tiny?

Finally, another shot of the upper part of a waterfall. I don't try to understand why I like the top of a falls.

So there they are. I know they're all waterfalls, but that's just the way it is! If you're in the area, Silverton is a cool place to visit.

Next week: black-and-white!

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