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The Women of Jerry, Part 2

Roger pointed out this site to me, implying that my quest to catalogue Jerry's girlfriends was quixotic at best and insane at worst. Roger's a swell guy thinking about my mental health like that! But the site isn't very comprehensive, so I will continue with my quest!

I decided to do more than one woman per post, but I haven't decided how to break down the seasons. Maybe in half. That doesn't apply for Season One, which is shorter than the others. So I'll just do all of Season One in this post. Let's hope the woman (yes, only one) is more memorable than poor Pamela Brüll.

Season One:

Episode One, "The Stake-Out" (aired 31 May 1990). In this episode, Jerry meets a woman whose name he doesn't know, so he stakes out her building. This is the first reference that George makes to Art Vandelay, who will become his go-to fake name. The woman is named Vanessa, and she was played by Lynn Clark. She was an attractive redhead (wasn't she? or am I misremembering?) who showed up again in the fourth episode, "The Stock Tip." She also never went on to much fame. The highlight of her career after Seinfeld was probably an appearance on Friends, or possibly her appearance on Melrose Place.

Episode Two, "The Robbery" (aired 7 June 1990). No girlfriend. This is the episode when George and Jerry both want the same great apartment and neither end up taking it.

Episode Three, "Male Unbonding" (aired 14 June 1990). No girlfriend. In this episode Jerry tries to "break up" with his childhood friend, Joel, played to obnoxious excellence by Kevin Dunn.

Episode Four, "The Stock Tip" (aired 21 June 1990). Lynn Clark returns, but her weekend trip to Vermont with Jerry dooms the relationship, especially because he's fretting about his stock going bad. And it's raining. So she was gone.

That was a quick season, wasn't it? Seinfeld, remember, didn't take off initially - if it had premiered today, it would have been canceled, and then we wouldn't have had a comedy masterpiece. But that's neither here nor there.

I couldn't find a birthdate for Lynn Clark, either, so I can't compare her age to Jerry's. I'm going to give her a Fame Rating of 2 out of 10, because she did guest star on three of the shows that captured the 1990s zeitgeist - Seinfeld, Friends, and Melrose Place. But there's not much else for her.

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Blogger Disintegrating Clone said...

Can I request you post on the only girlfriend of Jerry's I can actually remember? She was the one whose character was called Lois.

Ah, Lois. A fine name.

2/2/07 4:58 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

I'm getting to Lois, DC! I'm doing these in chronological order, so it might be a few weeks. It IS a fine name!

2/2/07 7:24 AM  

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