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Fighting the wrong war

As many of you know, I try to avoid reading the newspaper, because it gets me way too mad. Yes, I know I'm missing out on being informed (which is why Krys reads the paper at night instead of going to bed when she's damned tired!), but that's why I watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart!

This morning, however, Krys directed my attention to this story, in which Republican Len Munsil said he would tear down the 11 September memorial in the State Capitol Mall if elected governor this fall. Why would he do such a thing? Is he anti-American?

Well, if you read the story, you'll find out that he's so not anti-American, he's willing to tear down a memorial to the victims of terrorist attacks just to show how pro-American he really is! If you didn't read the story (how lazy are you?), he's peeved because some of the messages on the memorial are objectionable and can't be trusted.

Yes, Munsil is grumpy because the messages indict the U.S. government and mock the Bush administration. Like we need a memorial to do that. The most egregious one, apparently, is ... wait for it ... brace yourself for the mocking! ... "You don't win battles of terrorism with more battles."

HOLY SHIT!!!! Oh, the savage mockery! Oh, the piercing wit! Oh, the horrible indictment of the U.S. government! Jesus. I may have to drive down to the Capitol to see if this is the worst slogan on there. If it is, I think Len Munsil needs to shut up. Even if it isn't, who the fuck is Len Munsil to claim it's mocking the Bush administration?

Munsil, who is genuinely concerned about this and not looking for a cheap campaign ploy or photo-op, made his statements while surrounded by family members of soldiers killed in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. The article finishes with a quote from a man whose son was killed in Iraq. "It's a disgrace. It's a slap in the face to every one of our sons who have sacrificed and to every one of the victims of 9/11." What this guy and Munsil are missing is that three Arizona families who lost members in the attacks decided what should go on the memorial. But who the fuck cares what they want, right? U! S! A!

Munsil says he's concerned that some of the statements are "inaccurate." Again, I ask for examples. The one I cited above is an opinion, not a fact, so it can't be inaccurate. You may disagree with it, but I'm getting more and more concerned about a country in which opinions that a) disagree with the president; and b) suggest that maybe peace is a nice thing are being silenced. Munsil needs to fuck right off.

The memorial cost $500,000 and was paid for with private funds. Munsil doesn't like that it's one state property, but I bet he would have no problem with using taxpayer money to erect a monument of the Ten Commandments. Why doesn't Munsil tell the voters how he will help Arizona instead of trying to divide us, like every other Bush lapdog is doing? Fuck him.

The comments in the article are fun, too. The chairman of the Arizona 9/11 Memorial Commission comes on board and points out that one of the quotes on the memorial is "Must bomb back." I'M OFFENDED BY THAT! HOW DARE THEY POLITICIZE THE MEMORIAL AND TURN IT INTO A PRO-BUSH STATEMENT!

In other marginally war-related news, the Arizona Cardinals sold the naming rights of their new stadium to the University of Phoenix. For 18 years the Cardinals bitched about playing in Sun Devil Stadium, which is a college football field, and now they're going to play in University of Phoenix Stadium. That's just another reason why the Cardinals don't win. Trust me, it makes sense. Anyway, this is marginally war-related because many people, apparently independently of each other (I was one of them, so I guess it was independent) said the Cardinals should name the stadium after Pat Tillman and not sell the rights. Talk about a public relations coup! The Cardinals would be all over the news and people would talk about how great the Bidwills are and what an honorable thing they did. But, as usual, the $500 billion dollars they have wasn't enough, and they sold the rights. The stadium was financed by taxpayer money - shouldn't they get a vote in what to call it? The Bidwills have owned the franchise since the 1930s, when it was in Chicago. It's no wonder they've won 1 playoff game in almost 60 years.

There was a lot of other news that made me angry today, but I'll stop. We have to realize that the more this war at home continues, the more the terrorists will have won. It's mind-boggling that more people can't understand that.

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