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Picture Day always likes to head to the beach!

We obviously could not get enough of the Oregon coast while we lived there, so in September 1998 we headed back out there with my parents, who were visiting at the time. So you know what you're going to see - rugged wilderness!

First, in case you're interested, here's a map of the areas we visited. Here's a bigger map of the entire coast. We started in Newport and headed north.

This is the bridge in Newport. It's a nice little town, typical of the other towns on the coast, except for this bridge, which is neat-o.

This is the Yaquina Head lighthouse. It's a little bit north of Newport. Climb to the top if you visit - the mirrors are cool.

You may ask yourself, "Why was Greg taking a picture of open water?"

Ah! but if you look more closely, you will see:

That's right, a whale was hanging out just off-shore, and it spouted more than a few times. It's tough to get a good picture when you're so far away, but it was pretty cool to see.

Late September, Oregon coast = good surfing. Apparently. Greg, not unlike Charlie, don't surf.

Look out! It's the Devil's Punchbowl! Yes, that is its official name. Remember, my parents were with us, so we had to stop at every single unusual thing along the way. This is just a sinkhole into which the ocean rushes. It's nifty, but it's just a hole.

(And it's not the only Devil's Punchbowl, either!)

More of the coast. It's purty.

Finally, we have a nice view of the ocean from Cape Foulweather. I just thought the water looked neat. Cape Foulweather is an interesting place. It was discovered by Captain Cook in 1778 when, he claims, the weather was not terribly nice. But we all know Cook was a pussy! He couldn't even defend himself against the Hawaiians! It's a very picturesque spot. I'm not terribly sure what the hell Cook was doing up there, but good for him, discovering stuff like this!

There you have it - more coastal pictures. And here I am, in the desert. Grrrr. I have no idea what's coming up next week. You'll just have to tune in!

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