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It's always about nature here at Picture Day!

Nature is never far away when we do pictures! In celebration of the Fourth of July, I am showing you where we were exactly 9 years ago:

Driving on the beach! That's Long Beach, Washington, where driving on the beach is greatly encouraged. We almost got stuck in the sand! That's my late, lamented Saturn, the car I was driving when some asshole tow truck driver rammed me and messed up my daughter.

In August we went back to the Columbia Gorge. Yes, I've already posted pictures of the Gorge, but we went someplace different this time and it's still pretty, so you can deal with it! This is a grand vista of the Gorge:

We hiked up to the originally-named Triple Falls. Why, oh why are they called that?

That's a good question. You can hike up above the falls - you can make out a person sitting at the top. We went up and sat near the edge and had a picnic. 'Twas a fine day!

As we hiked back down we passed back underneath a waterfall. We didn't take pictures going up, but we did coming down:

This last picture is pretty dark, but I like it because it shows how close you can get to the water. That's me, by the way, wearing my Akubra! I love my Akubra.

Well, that's it for this week. As always, enjoy the nature shots! Pictures are all we have now, too, since we moved to hell.

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