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Picture Day goes random until the day of the big wedding!

In July 1994 the little woman and I tied the knot. We both decided that getting married in Oregon rather than in Pennsylvania would save us a LOT of headaches, so we had a tiny ceremony in Beaverton with very little fanfare. My parents, my sister, her boyfriend, Krys's father, Krys's sister, my best man, and two guests - that was it - the only people at our wedding. We paid for the whole thing (except for the flowers - my mom picked that up) and it was a grand day. I highly recommend getting married far away from home so that no one can bother you.

Before we get to that special day, however, some random photographs!

This is where we lived when we first moved to Portland. It was right outside of downtown, on Broadway Drive (in case you're familiar with the area), and we lived at the top. Quite fun lugging groceries up there, I'll tell you that much!

This is Krys at Cannon Beach in early July 1994. I love this picture - she looks so beautiful and free-spirited. This was, of course, before marriage to me crushed the life right out of her! So sad!

Every July the Highland Games are held in Portland on the campus of Mount Hood Community College. 1994 was the first year we went, and we loved it. I don't think we missed it in all our years in Portland. The first year we went we saw this fun animal. That, my good readers, is a Highland cow.

Then we got married. These are not "official" photos, you understand - these were taken by either my mom or Krys's dad while the official photographer was doing his thing, which is why nobody is actually looking at the camera. Deal with it!

Last week I mentioned that we got our wedding pictures taken at Multnomah Falls. We went out early in the morning (before the ceremony) to beat the tourist rush. It was the end of July, so we were pretty confident about the weather, but as we drove out, threatening clouds loomed overhead. Of course, in Portland, if you wait five minutes, the weather changes, so by the time we got out to the falls, the sun was out and everything was nice. We managed to get there before the tourists, except for a group of Japanese tourists who thought we were fascinating. We only had one annoying moment - at one point, the photographer was down at the bottom of the falls and we were up on the bridge leading over the falls (see below) and there were some tourists on the bridge. They saw us, saw the photographer, but refused to get out of the shot. We were going to be there for three minutes, and they refused to move! Finally they figured out what was going on and moved away. I don't know what their problem was.

Anyway, this next picture is Krys and I with Shauna, Krys's sister, and Lamont, my best man. Yes, that's the same Shauna who claims she reads my blog but refuses to comment even to say hello! See if I invite her to my next wedding!

Ah, the charming couple. That's the bridge from which the ignorant tourists removed to move in the background, by the way.

This is us at the actual ceremony. It was a simple church with a kooky minister (as we learned years later when we read in the paper about him having a night-time vigil to celebrate some celestial event) who looked like Tony Curtis. That's him in the background. Thank all that's holy he didn't sound like him, or we would have been laughing through the whole thing.

On our wedding night, we ate dinner at Pazzo Ristorante, which was one of our favorite restaurants in Portland. I have no idea what was wrong with me - I may have consumed all the morphine in the city that day. And check out my coolio spectacles!

So that's our wedding. You can check out some professional pictures here and here. You cannot deny that we have the coolest wedding pictures ever!

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Blogger Kait W. said...

You're right, I cannot deny that you have the coolest wedding pictures ever. Waterfalls! Awesome!

The dissertation is going well, thanks for asking. I added about 300ish words to it yesterday.

20/4/06 2:02 AM  

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