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Strange gelatinous foodstuffs!

Last week I grilled up some mahi mahi. Mmmm ... mahi mahi.

The little woman and I didn't want to eat it that night, so I put it on a plate, wrapped it in tinfoil, and threw it in the fridge. Modern living rules!

A few days later I decided to eat in for lunch. Krys and I hadn't gotten around to eating it and I didn't want it to go bad. So I took off the tinfoil and saw that some bizarre gelatin was gumming the fish to the plate. Eeeewwwww! What on earth was it????

Not to worry! It was simply the marinade I grilled the fish with - island teriyaki (by Soy Vay!). I pulled the fish off the plate, nuked it, and ate it. Damn it was tasty! I took a picture of the offending marinade in case it achieved consciousness and conquered the planet - at least I could show the authorities what it was and perhaps allow them to come up with a way to defeat it. I did wash it down the drain, and it has so far shown no signs of coming back.

Fear not the bizarre gelatinous foodstuffs, people!

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Blogger Ashley said...

I have a phobia of reheated fish. It's a one-time adventure for me.

9/3/06 6:50 PM  

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