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Return of the Living Picture Day can mean only one thing - Viva Las Vegas!

Yes, my computer has pretty much recovered, things have been re-installed, and my scanner is happy to help me post pictures once more! Last time I mentioned that we spent the night at Lake Mead, and drove into Las Vegas for the evening just to check it out.

We were not impressed. I didn't really like Las Vegas - it's certainly good at what it does, and I don't object to it on any moral grounds - it's a modern-day Sodom! - but it was just too obnoxious. I'm certainly obnoxious, and I respect it, but Vegas needs to lighten up a bit. A few years later we went to Lake Tahoe and I played blackjack for hours - that was a much nicer spot, because the casinos weren't as aggressively in-your-face and there was plenty of other stuff to do. Las Vegas, despite its attempts to become more family-friendly, really only exists for two reasons: people can lose large amounts of money there and get married easily.

Still, it was interesting to visit once. I have no desire to ever go back there.

These are the fountains at Caesar's Palace. Caesar's is actually one of the classier joints along the Strip.

The Strip is one of those places where you think, "Things couldn't possibly get any more obnoxious than this!" And then you turn around ...

... and you see this. Sheesh.

Elvis is, of course, everywhere in Vegas. Krys sidled up to this one and I took her picture.

Check out the gams on that honey!

Like I said, each casino is more obnoxious than the last ...

... but a Paul Anka concert will help ease the pain!

When we visited, almost 13 years ago, Circus Circus was by far the most obnoxious. It has probably been outstripped by now, as casino owners try to out-tacky their peers!

That was our evening in Las Vegas. We had no money, so we didn't gamble. We just strolled around people-watching and enjoying the nice weather. And thanking all that's holy that we didn't live there.

Next week: San Francisco!

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