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Bruce Willis AND Sharon Stone need to shut up

Wow! Surprisingly enough, two celebrities need to shut up today. Who would have guessed they'd be opening their mouths in such idiotic abundance???

According to that bastion of journalistic integrity, the Arizona Republic, Mr. Willis has become a foreign policy expert. The nice thing about Willis is that he's a conservative (not Republican) Hollywood guy, so when he needs to shut up, it's for completely different reasons that most Hollywood people need to shut up. Bruce doesn't like drugs, and he thinks it's about time the United States did something about it:

"The United States and everyone who cares about protecting the freedoms that the largest part of the free world now has should do whatever it takes to end terrorism in the world. And not just in the Middle East," Willis said, according to one transcript of the conferences. "I'm talking also about going to Colombia and doing whatever it takes to end the cocaine trade. It's killing this country. It's killing all the countries that coke goes into."

Awesome, Bruce. The Colombian president didn't think it was too nice, but what the hell does Bruce care - he's John Fuckin' McClain!

Meanwhile, a true namby-pamby liberal, Sharon Stone, went to Israel, because the Jews and Muslims who hate each other there are going to listen to a statuesque blonde who flashed her cooter to millions of movie-goers. She said, "I would kiss just about anybody for peace in the Middle East." She may have been kidding, but the point is - what the hell is she doing there anyway?

Hey, Bruce and Sharon: go back to "singing" with your "band" and showing off your gams. And shut the hell up.

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Blogger john sweet said...

"Cooter"? Holy shit! Best use of a Dukes of Hazard character reference in a post... EVER!

But, really, I concur wholeheartedly.

Uncle Monster

10/3/06 1:45 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

You've NEVER heard that as a euphemism? The Daily Show did a whole segment on a Cooter Festival last year. Funny stuff (and it guest-starred Cooter from the Dukes!).

10/3/06 3:07 PM  

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