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Picture Day means, well, pictures!

Yes, it's time for another installment of Krys and Greg's Journey Across America! When last you joined us, we were at the Grand Canyon. We left there and headed ... not west, but south to Sedona, Arizona, which is steeped in history! I know it's older than that, but I just love that it wasn't incorporated until 1988. Anyway, Sedona is a trendy little artists' colony that, of course, now attracts people from all over - my mom loves it, because it's pretty and it's not as horribly hot as it is down here in the Basin. It's also right at the end of Oak Creek Canyon, which is a very pretty area. We drove through Sedona (we had no money, and it's a bit of a tourist trap, so we just moseyed on through) and up through the canyon, where there are many beautiful scenes. What's nice about this area of Arizona is that it's sparsely populated, there are a lot of trees, lots of nice rock formations, and this strange thing we here in the south have heard tales of and marveled over: they call it water. I didn't take as many pictures here as in the Grand Canyon, but I still had to capture many rocks on film.

We drove through the canyon and up into the hills. Trees were blooming, the creek was bubbling, birds were singing - it was like a Disney movie! At the top of the canyon is a charming picnic area with a nice overlook. There was also a group of Indians selling their wares - it's all about the capitalism, people! I stood on the edge and took a picture back down the canyon. Strangely enough, nine years later I stood at the exact spot and took the exact same picture. I couldn't remember if I had taken the picture, so I snapped the photo. When I got home, I checked it out, and it was strange - the picture was exactly the same!

After visiting Sedona, we drove west. We spent a completely awful night in Kingman, Arizona. I don't know if the town is nice or not, but the camp site we stayed at was horrible - there was no one at the site, so we just drove in and had to find our own way around, and it rained. All night. Constantly. Very hard. Late August is the "monsoon" season in Arizona, and I guess up north it gets a bit more monsoony than here in the Basin, where we might get an inch of rain over two weeks. The only good thing about our night in Kingman was that there was nobody at the guard station when we left, so we didn't have to pay the camping fee. That day we headed toward Nevada, and we drove past the Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam is kind of neat. But it's a dam. After driving through the dam we set up shop at a camp site near Lake Mead. We had hundreds of miles of desert sand on us, so we put on our swim gear and headed into the lake. Here is Lake Mead. Yeah, I know - it's just a lake. But it's a nice place to take a dip. Krys has claimed it in the name of Spain!

So those are our pictures this week. That night (the final day of August, 1993), we headed into the Pit of the Beast - that's right, people, Vegas!


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