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Kanye West needs to shut up

According to today's Arizona Republic, Kanye West has gone a bit 'round the bend - even for him.

Mr. West, the moderately talented rapper who thinks he's bigger than God, now apparently says that he should be in the Bible - the new, improved Bible, that is, where he would appear as a griot - a West African storyteller.

"I bring up historical subjects in a way that makes kids want to learn about them. I'm an inspirational speaker."
Then he goes on to say: "I changed the sound of music more than one time ... For all those reasons, I'd be a part of the Bible. I'm definitely in the history books already."

I don't have a problem with West telling everyone who will listen how great he is. Entertainers do that all the time. But somehow I doubt that his brand of rap, which, despite being somewhat pleasant, sounds like every other rap out there, is enough to change the world, as he seems to think it is. Methinks that crown of thorns he wore on the cover of Rolling Stone might have been pressed on too tightly and is cutting off the supply of oxygen to his brain.

Kanye, you can make Grammy-winning albums if you want to. But please, shut the hell up. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Unknown said...

I consider famous people comparing themselves to things such as God, Mother Nature etc. as a sign that the "edge" is nigh.

I think the average fan is turned off by this as well.

11/2/06 5:32 PM  
Blogger Nik said...

What little I've heard of his music is OK, but yeah, I'm so turned off by the rampant egotism that I've got zero interest in listening to more of it.

11/2/06 6:01 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Maybe he can work with Pat Robertson to get his own gospel? The Pope? Who's the editor in chief of the Bible these days?

12/2/06 9:22 AM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Interesting article in the Wshington Post about why Kayne West dmay have not gotten more Grammys. I know for nothinhg about this, but it ends:
"So you can understand the Recoding Academy's skittishness. A young black man who's smart, talented, political and uppity, too? Now that's really scary."

The writer's e-mail is eugenerobinson@washpost.vom

15/2/06 2:21 PM  
Blogger T. said...

Kanye West is beyond retarded. I don't get the hype behind this guy, his egotism wouldn't even be so bad if he actually had half the talent he thinks he has.

The guy just samples a whole song, from the beat, to the bridge to the chorus, changes maybe one word in the vocals, and is declared superproducer.

18/2/06 3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all I found this link by typing in "Kayne West should shut the F&*k up!" and this was the first hit. My search request is exactly what that idiot needs to do. It is my sincere desire that his fall is just as fantastic as his rise from being a nobody. I wish he would go back to being one and take George Clooney and Barb Streisand with him.

4/11/06 9:57 AM  

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