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Picture Day continues through Yellowstone!

I'd like to thank everyone who said hello over the past few days. It's always interesting to see who has been lurking.

Anyway, last week we were in Yellowstone Park in August 1993 on our cross-country journey. Yellowstone is a very neat place, despite the tourists, and after we spent some time in the southern part of the park, we hit the loop road and went up north, where it's more rugged and wild. Very cool. Very alpine. The first two pictures are of the landscape along the road:
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In the northern part of the park there are many canyons and waterfalls, as well. One such is Tower Fall. This picture is the river above the fall, while the second one is Tower Fall itself:
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I like this picture of the rapids because it looks like we're directly above it in some sort of hovering machine. I don't know where we were. I was probably on the very edge of the cliff. Good thing Krys wasn't pissed at me right then.
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I like this photo a lot because it's right at the top of a different waterfall. The scene was spectacular, and being so close to all that nature is always awe-inspiring.
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Finally, the next day, before we left the park, it was sunny and Old Faithful did what it was supposed to do. I think it's in the Patriot Act that if you visit Yellowstone, you must take a picture of Old Faithful. You don't want to be un-American!
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That's it for today. Next week: we head south, and those who know geography know that means one thing: Mormon stuff!


Blogger Roxy said...

Nice pics. I'll warn Kev that the Mormon stuff is coming...

16/1/06 10:05 AM  
Blogger chosha said...

As a Mormon who's never been to the US, I'm curious to find out what that means, haha. I have an internet friend who lives right on the edge of Zion National Park in Utah - amazing scenery!

16/1/06 7:34 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Chosha - it just means that we spent a day in Salt Lake City and toured the big Mormon sites. We'll get to Zion soon enough - it is beautiful.

16/1/06 9:16 PM  

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