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Harry Belafonte needs to shut up

I'm sure you've heard this already, but Harry Belafonte went to Venezuela this weekend and said some stupid things. He's a "good-will" ambassador for UNICEF, but he decided to use this as a platform to attack, naturally, the president. He called Bush "the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world," and told Chavez that millions of Americans support the Venezuelan president's "socialist revolution."

You're a calypso singer, Harry. Shut up. I dislike the president as much as the next sane, rational person, but he's not a tyrant, and he's certainly not a terrorist. I hold him responsible for the deaths of every American soldier in Iraq, and it's still not up to the number of people who died on 11 September 2001. Yes, he's a bad president. Yes, he has abused his power. Yes, I will dance a jig when he leaves office. But he will leave office, Harry. I wonder if, in 20 years, Chavez will still be there, promising open elections just as soon as he fixes that mess of a country he rules. I've spoken about Chavez before, and I don't really care what kind of leader he is, but let's not go claiming he's South America's George Washington until he voluntarily gives up his power, which remains the best thing Washington ever did. And as for "millions" supporting the socialist revolution in Venezuela? So that's why we have free health care for everyone - because everyone in the U.S. is a socialist! As Jon Stewart pointed out last night, millions of Americans have probably never heard of Venezuela.

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Please shut up, Harry. Go sing "Day-O" to a bunch of geriatrics in Miami and build houses for the poor. Ogle your daughter in Playboy. Whatever. Just shut up.


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