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Picture Day: a day late, but still picturesque!

Bad day yesterday, and boy was I tired. So I didn't get a chance to post any pictures - I know you're all very depressed. This morning, however, I have time and no children, so let's check out the photographs!

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Those people on the East Coast in March of 1993 will remember the BIG BLIZZARD! It was Spring Break, of all things, and I was staying at my parents' new house - as in, they were moving in the week of Spring Break, and just got everything in before the blizzard hit. I was stuck in the house for two days with no cable television. Oh, the horror! I wouldn't have minded, but I had nothing to read either. I spent most of Saturday reading back issues out of my comic book boxes. I finally made it back to school on Tuesday (Penn State canceled classes on Monday and Tuesday). Our friend Chris Puccio was driving back from New York on I-80 and was denied access to Pennsylvania because of the weather. That's right - the state was closed. Damn you, Mother Nature!

Krys's roommate Jo made this in one of her art classes. I just dig it because it's a four-foot can opener made out of wood. That's what they're teaching us in college, people!
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Speaking of art, you know what a beer bottle balanced precariously on the back of a POS car is? ART, baby!
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Finally, it was time for graduation. Yes, four years of higher education to get, of all things, an English degree (with a History minor! - now that's attractive to employers!) was over. This is, interestingly enough, the FIRST picture I ever took of Krys, even though we had been dating for seven months at this time. Was I ashamed of her? Of course not. I just didn't take my camera many places during the school year - and of course, this was back in the hoary old days before camera phones. How did we ever live without them????
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I know, they're not terribly interesting this week. My beer bottle picture is still art, man! Next week Krys and I hit the road for our grand journey west. So the pictures will, I promise, get more interesting. Trust me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, you were HOT back then. Not as good looking as your roomate with the long hair though.

Ahhh, don't you miss the good ol' days back home shovelling snow and raking leaves (which I had to do this weekend - ouch)?

21/11/05 5:25 PM  

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