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We say goodbye to Tasmania and ponder memory

Picture day takes us back to Tasmania for the last bunch of my photos from my groovy four-day weekend in March 1992. Plus, as an added bonus, I will ruminate on one of my best memories! Aren't you excited?

First, our old friend the map of Tasmania. The pictures today are in Hobart, which is down there in the southeast. It's pretty much the only "city" on the island, although that's pushing it.

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Okay, let's get to the pictures, now that you're oriented!

When Theresa, Monica, Lisa and I got to Hobart, it was Sunday. We spent the morning at the Royal Botanical Gardens, but I didn't include any picture of that, because, let's face it, it's a bunch of trees and flowers. Nice, I suppose, but nothing too keen. Then we spent some time in downtown. By this time the ladies were tired, so they went back to our hotel to take a nap. Back in those days, I wasn't the tired pathetic specimen I am today, so I was raring to go! I took our rented car and drove to the top of Mount Wellington, the big hill to the east of Hobart. It's neat. I took pictures.

Here's the first one. Okay, it's a combination of two photos, because my camera didn't have a panoramic view back then. It's the city from the summit. Posted by Picasa

This is the summit of the mountain.

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Coming down the mountain, I stopped and took this picture. It gives you a nice sense of what the city is like. Well, the suburbs, anyway.

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The next morning we flew back to Melbourne. It was Monday morning and some of us (not me) had classes to go to. Suckers! (I scheduled my classes so I had Monday and Friday off, because it's not like I was in Australia to learn or anything.) This is Hobart International Airport at about six in the morning. I know it's Hobart, so it's not like it's going to be JFK or anything, but check it out:

We were, I think, the only people in the building. Weird. Posted by Picasa

Now, about memory. Memory is a tricky thing. Krys has a much better memory than I do, but I have a pretty good one. Of all the memories pre-Krys that I have (my memories of life with Krys trump everything else), this one is pre-eminent, and I don't know why. That day when I was driving down the mountain and I was looking out over Hobart, a city I only visited for one day in my life, and I felt great. The sun was going down and everything was burnished that nice golden that it gets late in the afternoon, and I was playing my tape of the Horse Flies' album Gravity Dance. I love this album. I still have it on tape, but my CD that I found years later was stolen in Vancouver in 2001 when my car was broken into (lousy thieving Canadians!). I listen to it a lot, and whenever I do, it takes me right back to that day in Hobart, when I was alone in the car, driving down a mountain in a foreign land, with absolutely nowhere to go and nothing to do. It was a truly happy moment. It's really strange what you remember. Anyway, it's a nice memory for me.

Enjoy the photos. Next week: back in Melbourne and going to sporting events!


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