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Sunday's links: Some self-lovin', some bad writin', some fatwa issuin', and Signs of the Apocalypse!

Ah, Sunday ... the Sabbath, when there's really nothing better to do than sit around and wonder why prime-time starts an hour earlier than the rest of the week, sign my GuestMap, and check out some links! (Do you like how I slipped that in there? You know you want to sign my GuestMap!) By the way, I think if you click on the pictures, they become bigger. If that's your thing. Try it!

Without further ado, here we go:

The Next Blog button. Because who knows what lurks out their in cyberspace?

Okay, this wasn't the first one that came up. Those of you who have done this know that very often ads for various crap come up, and I got two of those before hitting blog gold. Yes, it's The Secrets of Self Loving: Reflections of my sex life. Venture there if you dare! Next we have Stranger than Fiction, "a soulful girl's painful metamorphosis into herself." I would never be that pretentious, would I? I mean, she might as well have named her blog in Latin or something! Then we have ... something in Portuguese. Portugal, I think, is a hotbed of blogging. After that we have a liberal blog, and last we have New York City taxi photos. It's actually pretty interesting - photographs taken from a taxi, not of taxis. Let's move on.

Humorous stuff. Because just before you go back to work, humor is a good thing.

Pages ripped from high school textbooks! So that's why education is in the state it's in! As usual with Jay Pinkerton, bad language and possible sex stuff abounds, so be warned!

Danielle wants this shirt. So do I. Show your love for Jesus! (I'm serious. No foolin'.)

Ah, yes, the bad writing contest. The man who "won" compared a woman's anatomy to a carburetor. I think the guy wrote that India "hangs like a wet washcloth from the towel rack of Asia" is totally awesome. Go here for more details on the contest.

The Hanging Stranger links to Overheard in New York. Sweet Fancy Moses, it's funny. Check the whole thing out, but here are some highlights: Are these Asian girls racist?, Where is the Preparation H?, Lots of weird ideas about rape, and What not to say to a homeless person.

The Lindsay Lohan sex video! Oh, it's nothing dirty! Would I steer you someplace icky?

Thomas has discovered the real reason people hate America.

Ace of Spades directs us to the Pundit Guy, where we get horribly male chauvinistic humor!

Yes, it's male chauvinistic. But it's pretty funny, too. And I bet if either of those gentlemen actually, you know, had a woman, they'd be pretty whipped too. Posted by Picasa

Matt Taibbi nails the interview. Man, this is funny (and long - be patient). I got this from Firedoglake. Who is Matt Taibbi, you ask? Well, he wrote this book, which sounds brilliant.

Mike Sterling clues us in on the types of comic shop customers and clerks. Funny even if you don't read comics.

Steven Wright's quote of the day. Because Steven Wright is freakin' hilarious.

Poetry corner. Get some culture up you!

Chris "Lefty" Brown, the Disgruntled Chemist, Shane Bailey, and Roger Green were all inspired to try my wacky build-a-poem adventure that I stole from Adjunct Kait. My insidious power spreads! Check them out - as usual, everyone does things better than I do.

Latigo Flint tells us about his excellent childhood poem. Plus, there are poop jokes!

Bill Reed gives us ... Haiku!

Comic book crap. I have to make up for last week, so there's a lot here!

It's Kobra week at Dave's Long Box! He doesn't need the traffic because he's so freakin' famous (I'm not jealous at all), but check out: Kobra versus Batman and the Outsiders, Kobra versus Wonder Woman (Part 1), Kobra versus Wonder Woman (Part 2), employee motivation the Kobra way, Kobra versus his twin brother, Kobra versus the Suicide Squad, resolving interpersonal conflict the Kobra way, Kobra threatens Superman's parents, and workforce management the Kobra way. Getting into the spirit, Loren breaks down the trial of Kobra!

Scipio really, really, really, really, hates Hal Jordan.

Who can blame him? Posted by Picasa

I agree with Scipio - DC needs to bring back THE GREEN ARAB!

Jim Roeg breaks down Fantastic Four #176, which starred the Impossible Man, Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, George Perez, and Jack Kirby! It's a long essay, but very interesting.

Liberality For All! This comic book, if you haven't heard, presents a nightmarish future of 2021 if liberals had been in charge when September 11 happened. Osama bin Laden is the ambassador to the UN! Chelsea Clinton and Michael Moore are president and vice-president! Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, and Oliver North have to thwart bin Laden's plot to nuke New York! You must check out the five-page preview!

Dougbot has seen the V For Vendetta trailer, and it reminds him of Mystery Science Theater 3000. God, I miss that show.

Scott looks at what could have helped Superman after his fight with Doomsday that killed him. Other than, you know, the editors changing their minds about killing him.

Chris talks about the unusually creepy JLA #168

I like how the cover talks about an "unholy ritual"! You don't get many unholy rituals in comics anymore. Posted by Picasa

This is an excellent review of New Avengers #4. If you're interested.

Speaking of New Avengers, here's proof that Brian Michael Bendis is a hypocrite. Proof, I tells ya!

Dorian gives us proof that Jughead is gay:

He has a bunch of other fun Archie comics covers this week, too, so check them out! Posted by Picasa

Find out why Jack Kirby rules.

Lots of pictures of people wearing Hulk hands. Hulk hands are cool! I got this, not surprisingly, from the Incredible Hulk's diary.

Sigh. Politics never goes away, does it?

Andrew Sullivan points us to story of the jailed Iranian who has become a hero to the Republicans, even though he doesn't sound like a terribly nice guy. According to this, Bush would prefer that he dies (he's on a hunger strike) so that the Republicans can use him as a martyr.

Join the Christian Exodus! I'd tell you what it's all about, but it's best if you discover it for yourself. This, as a lot of my fun Christian stuff does, comes from Tom Peyer.

Krys is back for now. She's been busy doing motherhood things, while I waste time on the Internet. Somebody has to! Go check her out - she has some interesting things on her mind.

Somebody actually wrote this: "It must be very strange to be President Bush. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius, he can't get anyone to notice. He is like a great painter or musician who is ahead of his time, and who unveils one masterpiece after another to a reception that, when not bored, is hostile." Yeah, I laughed too. Do even his most ardent supporters (besides this guy) describe him like that? I stumbled across this in one of the Rude Pundit's angry posts.

More crazy stuff from Rick Santorum. I watched him on The Daily Show last week, and although I don't agree with a lot of what he says, he doesn't seem crazy and evil in a Dick Cheney kind of way. I could be wrong. I do like how he can't support his family on $162,000 a year and needs to borrow money from his fixed-income parents. Go, Rick!

Of course, according to this, Santorum is not running for president in 2008. They don't cite any source, but it is a site devoted to all things Santorum, so they might know something we don't.

Did everyone hear about those Iranian teenagers who were hanged for being gay? It happened a few weeks ago. Well, here you can see pictures. Don't worry, it's not anything stomach-turning, except for the fact that the whole scene was stomach-turning. I found this on Andrew Sullivan. I'm just glad something like that could never happen here.

Whoops. I spoke too soon. The home of a gay couple torched in Florida. This stuff just makes me wonder what kind of world we're living in.

The Disgruntled Chemist links to Benedict Arnold and the Republican spin team. Hmmm ... those people look familiar. I wonder if it's treasonous to link to this?

A Utah woman can have GAYSROK on her license plate. A while back I linked to a story about the religious license plate that Vermont disallowed. Now this has been allowed. This is ridiculous that we worry about stupid vanity plates. Maybe gays DO rock, after all. Freddie Mercury did.

Stories about the war on terror - whoops, make that the "global struggle against extremism."*

* You like how they changed it? So it could mean pretty much anything they consider "extreme," like a woman's right to choose, or some wacky thoughts about the environment, or even, hell, extreme sports (sorry, "X-treme"). Those Republicans - always thinking!

This is a pretty interesting (and long) post about the differences between Churchill and Gandhi and how it relates to the war on terror. You may not agree, but it's interesting.

Here's something interesting. Some people want those who criticize the war not only censored but imprisoned. Ah, the land of the free! More here.

Fatwa issued against terrorism. That was nice of them. It won't do a damned bit of good, but that was nice. This is from Andrew Sullivan, but I'm sure it's elsewhere as well.

All right! The Patriot Act is now permanent! Tell me again how the terrorists aren't winning this "struggle"?

The police in England say they may shoot more innocent people. Awesome. At least they're up front about it, right? This comes from the Strike the Root blog.

Osama bin Laden and Harry S Truman: birds of a feather? You be the judge! I found this on Catallarchy.

Harry Potter and the war on terror. Seriously.

Signs of the Apocalypse. Because I want you to be ready when the Rapture comes!

Disney and Sprint are marketing cell phones to 8-12-year-olds. I read this in other places, but got this story from Brian Hogg.

Huey Lewis will star in the latest Broadway version of "Chicago." Richard Gere was fine, but Huey Lewis????

A woman pleads guilty to having sex parties with teenaged boys. She's 40. She claimed she wanted to be the "cool mom." Here's the strange thing: it does not say in the article whether she has any kids or not. I guess the coolest mom is the one who isn't actually a mother.

This is just wrong. Won't you be happy when I rule the world? This certainly won't happen. Posted by Picasa

Newsworthy miscellaneous. Sometimes the miscellaneous gets all lumped together, so I thought I'd break it up a bit.

An umpire in Massachusetts orders Little League players to stop speaking Spanish on field. They lost the game because they were "demoralized," according to their coach (which I think is a crock), and the Little League said afterwards the umpire was wrong. Here's the thing: I wouldn't even think of telling a bunch of kids that. What's the deal with this guy? Was his great-grandfather on the USS Maine or something?

I'm sure you're dying to get your degree in tribal gaming from San Diego State! I got this from the Education Wonks.

A ghost ship haunts my old hometown of Portland. Spooky! This is from Ace of Spades.

Fun miscellaneous. Let's end on a happy note, shall we?

You want to know the meaning of life, don't you? Of course you do.

Find out what happens to this car thief. It's awesome. Anytime it's a link to a television station, you can be sure I stole it from Dancing the Polka with Miss El Cajon.

The Rhodester once almost killed Gwyneth Paltrow! Read the terrifying tale!

Even a straight guy like me can tell that this is a really ugly outfit. That's Bai Ling, by the way. She recently posed naked in Playboy. I can see why - she doesn't know how to wear clothes! This is from the fine folk at Go Fug Yourself. Posted by Picasa

Also from Go Fug Yourself, we get this. This is the chick from that NCIS show, by the way. I know you want to be a celebrity, but when you have to advertise your own name on your shirt? That's sad. Posted by Picasa

This is an interesting article about being a "hostess" in Japan.

Have you heard about the "chunky" models? Check them out. That's what Richard Roeper, the film critic, called them, by the way. He received death threats for his words.

A python terrorizes an Austrian pizzeria! Austria is pretty weird these days.

See what I mean?

Thomas also featured this, but I saw it first. Nyah-nyah! It's a billboard to help a 31-year-old Mormon man get a date. His friends chipped in to buy it. Ladies, if you're interested, check out Lance's web site. I assume guys are discouraged from trying to date him - he's Mormon, after all, although it would explain why he's not married yet ...

Neil Gaiman interviews Gorillaz. Well, I found it interesting. I stole this from Catallarchy.

Hey! It's the Museum of the American Cocktail. Where do you think I found this: on 1000 Bars, of course!

The Island is a rip-off. Not of Logan's Run, as some are saying, but of something far more disturbing ... This is from Ace of Spades.

Would you get in a dark van with this woman? Okay, dumb question. Apparently some people would! Read all about the horrors of Teri Hatcher's sex van! I found this on the Great Curve. Posted by Picasa

Because I don't want you to think I'm bitter about Arizona all the time, I will say that we get some nice sunsets here. Mike Manley took this picture while visiting here from the East. He's a comic book artist, in case you're wondering. See? I can be nice about this place! Posted by Picasa

On that fine note, I will bid you adieu. Yes, I'm a cheese-eating surrender monkey for using fancy Frenchie words. Come back tomorrow as we continue or tour of Tasmania! I'm almost done there, I promise! Have a nice day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Gregoryites. I have side by side on my desk two books: "American Government, Continuity and Change."(New York: Pearson Longman) 2004, and "America(the Book}." (New York: Warner Books) 2004. The latter is the Jon Stewart parody book, and I think the former is the object of the parody - the parallels are amazing. Except in the text book, the supreme justices are wearing robes. I won't be teaching history next year, but English, but I think I'll sneak these two books into the library as a subversive act.
Greg's grad school friend, Barbara

31/7/05 7:04 PM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Once upon a time, prime time started at 7:30 (Eastern) most nights. The networks gave the extra half hour to the affiliates, allegedly for monetary reasons, but I always thought it was that the networks were running out of ideas for shows and were glad to give the time back.

1/8/05 7:20 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Thanks Rob. I'll change it in case, in the far future, someone wants to read about it after finding it on my blog. How did you know it would only work until then????

3/8/05 4:51 PM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Take out the 12 in the NYC taxi URL and it will work.

9/8/05 1:51 PM  

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