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Just like opium

Krys got a job! Woo-hoo!

I will keep everyone up to date about Smokey. He's doing well, and we think his eyesight is almost back. Thanks to everyone who wished him well.

Sign my GuestMap! Bruno from Portugal did! Hi Bruno!

Anyway, the point of the title: it's very cool being married, for any number of reasons. I have been married for almost 11 years, and each day is better than the last. One reason why it's cool to be married is because you develop your own coded language that only you and your spouse know. At least, that's the way it is with Krys and I. Here are just a little of the shorthand we use:

"It's around ... just like opium." Years ago I had to take a drug test to go to work at Blue Cross/Blue Shield. So I had to avoid eating poppyseed muffins, because I didn't want to test positive for opium. I mentioned this to my mother and said, "It's funny, because who smokes opium these days?" My mother, sage woman that she is (and apparently, a denizen of the underworld), said, "Oh, it's around." It made me chuckle. So now Krys and I say it when we hear someone say "It's around" or if something happens to be, you know, around. If Bush talks about those crazy WMDs, we would say "They're around ... just like opium."

A "Lumumba" moment. Krys and I were watching HBO a few years ago, and we saw a commercial for a biopic about Patrice Lumumba. Since a biopic about Lumumba can't really end well, Krys looked at me and said, "No good can come of this." So now, when we read or see something from which no good can come, it's a Lumumba moment. Just a silly example - when Rachel goes to tell Ross that she still loves him on the day of his wedding, that's a Lumumba moment.

"Theoretically, Communism works." We love The Simpsons, even in recent years, when its quality has declined a bit. We quote it quite often, and this line we use often. Marge says something (I can't remember what) works theoretically, and Homer, philosopher that he is, says this line. So whenever something theoretical comes up, we say this. Try it!

"What am I, Kreskin?" Another line from The Simpsons (the last one, I promise). I can't remember when Homer says this (help me out, Simpsons afficianadoes!), but it's funny. So now when either one of us asks us something the other doesn't know, we say this.

"Supposably." Okay, we watch too much television. Sue us. On Friends once, Chandler mentions that he may have dumped the girl of his dreams because she pronounced it "supposably." Joey later tries that out, to funny effect. We still use it.

"Cat fud." There was an old Far Side cartoon in which a dog tried to lure a cat into a washing machine with signs promising "cat fud." Everything in our house is now "fud." We actually have difficulty saying "food." Mia is going to be one messed-up kid.

We have some others, but I won't bore you. We have to find our fun somewhere! This is why marriage is cool - you can communicate with each other on levels beyond simple speaking. These things remind us of our lives together, and that's not bad. Anyone have any quirky things of their own?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Krys on getting a job!

Marraige is great, if for no other reason than the private jokes.

"'Member?": My wife and I used to have a friend who would talk about the very recent past and add "'member?" (e.g. "Hey, 'member when you posted 'Just like opium' on your blog? 'Member?"). We use "'member" about five minutes after we do something.

"Wheel in the Sky": When we found out my wife was pregnant, we wanted to wait to tell people, but it was always on our mind. In an attempt to get her mind off the pregnancy, my wife tried singing a song in her head. She was so frazzled, however, she couldn't, and asked me to think of one for her. I belted out the chorus to the most ridiculous song I could think of, "Wheel in the Sky." It didn't work, but my wife would turn to me every so often and say, through gritted teeth, "Honey. The wheel in the sky keeps turning, dammit." Now, we sing "Wheel in the Sky" whenever we're waiting anxiously.

There are so many more...

29/4/05 5:00 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Those are awesome. "Wheel in the Sky" RULES!

29/4/05 5:59 AM  
Blogger Rick Jones, really said...

I thought I was the only one who always thought fud when looking at the stuff a cat eats. For some reason, that Far Side cartoon just sticks with me.

29/4/05 6:21 AM  
Blogger Tim S said...

Glad to hear of Krys and Smokey's lots improving.

29/4/05 4:19 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I love that we're not the only one who says "fud." Gary Larson's evil influence spreads!

29/4/05 4:33 PM  

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