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My kind of pedicure

I don't know if you've seen this on a talk show, or if it's made it into your local newspaper (it made it into ours today), but I'm dying to go to Yvonne's Nail Salon in Alexandria, VA. It's the home of the fish pedicure!

Yes, the latest in pedicure technology is using garra rufa, known as doctor fish, on the customers. Yvonne's uses them to - wait for it - clean the customer's feet. The fish eat the dead skin off your feet, and then you get a traditional pedicure afterward. They started it because of fears about the sanitation of the razors they used, and they also claim it gets the feet even cleaner than a traditional razor. Shockingly, there are no rules about regulating fish pedicures, so they're all right for now, and the procedure is wildly popular. Wildly popular, say I! Of course, this has been done in Europe and Asia for years. Those wacky Asians and Europeans - always ahead of the curve!

I'd love to do this. Once I get past the fact that the fish are eating dead skin (and, let's be honest, I long ago got over the fact that living things are constantly feasting on me), I think it'd be keen. Of course, I'm on record as stating how much I love pedicures, so this would just be another way to experience one. It's certainly something different!

I've been slacking a bit for the past week, and I apologize to my loyal readers. I'm going to the San Diego comic convention for the next two days, but I should be back to some kind of reasonable posting schedule next week. Sorry for the dearth of stuff!

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