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Did Krys break her foot? An update!

Krys DID break her foot! Who had that in the pool?

Krys went to the podiatrist on Friday and he took an X-ray. At first, he wasn't sure what had happened. He did say that the old "break" in her foot probably wasn't a break, but an extra bone in her foot. So that was interesting. Then he looked more closely at the X-ray and determined that the tendon ripped away from the bone and took some of it with it. So she has some chips of bone taken away. Fun! It's not a big fracture, but enough to really, really hurt. He put her in a boot, which is a walking cast that looks like a moonboot. They no longer do plaster or even Fiberglas casts, which is kind of interesting, because back in Pennsylvania they were considering putting a plaster cast on her. The nurse wondered aloud if it was "in the country," and even though it's technically an "urban" area, Pottsville is kind of stuck in the 1950s, so it's not surprising they wanted to put a plaster cast on her. I told her she's lucky they didn't put the leeches on her!

So she's strolling around in her boot. She can still drive, but she's not supposed to walk that much. I keep thinking I'm in a horror movie, because you can hear her coming down the tiled hallway all through the house, and she's inexorable! Can anyone escape ... Boot Foot!

I was surprised that she actually broke a bone, even if it wasn't that big a break. They told her to come back in three weeks and see how it's doing. Maybe it won't look gangrenous by then!

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