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Wacky events in the Congo

Saw this on The Daily Show ...

"Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men's penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft."

What a lede! The absolute best quote in the article: "But when you try to tell the victims that their penises are still there, they tell you that it's become tiny or that they've become impotent. To that I tell them, 'How do you know if you haven't gone home and tried it'," he said.

Penis theft: Is yours safe?????

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Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

I forwarded this to TWO websites!

30/4/08 6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Greg, Roger forwarded me your link. For some reason he read this post & thought of me.

Sees- What hardened criminals. :)

6/5/08 8:52 PM  

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