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Picture Day returns in triumph and ... in black and white!?!?

Yes, I'm back to posting old pictures! Oh, what fun!

Early in 1999 I slapped some black-and-white film into my camera and hit the town! There's really nothing cooler than black-and-white pictures ... except pictures with color! But these are still pretty neat-o.

This is Southwest ... Taylor, I think, in downtown Portland. It's where the light rail turns and heads east-west instead of north-south. This is in the middle of the morning, by the way, and the streets are deserted. What's up with that?

This is the side wall of the Lotus Café and Cardroom, as you can see. A very cool mural. I was only in the Lotus once, I believe, but I used to walk by it a lot.

Here's a staged picture, but I still dig it. These are all the people in my row at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon. I had them all stand up and staggered so I could see them all. I call this "Life in the Cube Farm."

Between my work and Portland State was this pizza place. They had pretty good pizza. I just like the irony in the picture.

This is our cat, Zoe - the one who died last year. Like most cats, she liked to hide under rugs and such, and we often didn't get the camera quickly enough. My friend Jeff drew this picture for us that Christmas, and I got it framed and gave it to Krys as a present. It's hanging in our kitchen right now!

So those are just some random photographs from around town. Next time color returns to Picture Day!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Greg - speaking of photos!

This is Michele Alvaro, just in case you didn't know who Michele was. :)

Wanted to let you know that I finally started a blog and posted the Wedding photos from 2005! Yes I know I am late. So far I only have the "getting ready" and "ceremony" up (didn't realize how long this takes to do) so tonight I hope to get the "reception" up. Then I will post 2006 to the present.

Just thought I would let you know in case Dave didn't email you the link yet. It is

Love your photos! Especially the one of the street. I would just make the blacks more black and the whites more white (contrast) and you will have a really nice enlargement there.

Anywhoo thanks for the nice card of thanks and hope to talk to you soon. I do hope the girls like the gifts.

Take Care, say hello to Krys and know, you now have an additional reader...

Oh and please excuse my grammer.

16/1/07 1:17 PM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

I know you're being cheeky and all that, but sometimes b&w is better. we have some lovely wedding pics in b&w.
Which always reminds me of that Paul Simon song Kodachrome, in which he eventually changes the word "worse" to "better" so the line SHOULD read, "Everything looks bettter in black and white."

19/1/07 4:22 AM  

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