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Picture Day goes Caribbean!

Krys and I celebrated our fifth anniversary in July 1999. We decided, since we hadn't been on vacation since 1995, to take a trip. Krys wanted to go on a cruise, but she didn't want to go on a big cruise ship. We aren't, after all, 60 years old. So she looked around and found Windjammer Cruises, which feature much smaller ships and a more intimate setting. She did some research about where they go, and we finally picked the S.V. Mandalay, which went to Grenada and Venezuela. We made the arrangements and left in August, which turned out to be a pretty good time, because although the boat was full, there were fewer tourists along the way. We also left the day after we saw The Blair Witch Project, which is still the scariest movie I've ever seen, and it was a good time to leave, because then I didn't dwell on the movie too long. Thank God - it scared the crap out of me.

We flew into Grenada (after some excitement at the airport in Miami, where we almost missed our connecting flight and had to run through the terminal) on the 7th and spent the night on board the ship. The next day we took a brief tour of the island. Then we were off! So these pictures are from that first day, 8 August 1999. We'll get to the rest of the vacation over the next few weeks.

You know, for the first photo of a vacation, this is rather unimpressive. I just liked the fact that it's a "banana reception depot."

Ah, here we go! This is St. George's, Grenada, the capital "city." (Yes, it's actually in the possessive, which is a bit odd.) It's a nice town, somewhat British (not surprising), and laid back in that Caribbean way. We didn't spend much time there.

There were, of course, many waterfalls throughout the island. We stopped at one of them, and Krys posed for a picture in front of it!

We drove to the top of the central mountain, which is a caldera of an "extinct" volcano. We hung out there for a while, and Krys took my picture. I'm wearing my Church of Elvis T-shirt (the Church of Elvis, unfortunately, no longer exists in the physical world - at least I don't think it does - but you can still get stuff on-line!) and my Everett AquaSox baseball cap, which my friend Ken gave me as a present one year. My AquaSox cap is awesome (check the link to see the logo, which is one of those weird-ass frogs with suction pads on their feet).

That day we set sail, and this is our last look at Grenada.

Grenada is an interesting place. It has that Caribbean vibe you get down there, with high humidity, winding and not particularly well-maintained road, small stores perched on the side of the road with precipitous cliffs behind it, people wandering around and into the path of vehicles with no regard to their own safety. It's famous in this country, of course, because we invaded it back in the 1980s. There's still a lot of anti-American graffiti about, as well as pro-Cuban stuff. But mostly it's been whitewashed away, replaced by pro-American graffiti. It's interesting seeing the politics of the island emblazoned in spray paint on the side of houses high in the hills. I don't know much more about Grenada because we spent less than a day there.

Next week we'll head out into open sea! Oh, the crazy pictures I took!

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Blogger Krys said...

We did see the graffiti that said "We love you, Uncle Fidel!", but we drove by too fast to take a picture.

And remember the weird festival--it was Carnival? The oiled up guys dancing naked in the street with a rotary phone? The driver said they block traffic to try to get you to pay some sort of toll?

29/1/07 10:14 PM  

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