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Fun Republican betting game

If Vegas hasn't created a game where you can bet the over/under on how long it takes a Republican making a speech to mention September 11, they should. President Bush made it about three minutes last night. You could have a lot of fun setting a time period and then firing up the stopwatch! Or maybe that's just because I'm a big geek.

What was the point of that speech, anyway? Congress already granted him dictatorial powers to deploy troops, so sending more to Iraq didn't require a speech. He wasn't asking for permission to do it. It sounded a lot like the same old plan regarding Iraq, so why did he have to go on? I think we should all see less of our politicians, not more, so just stay off the television, Mr. Bush, and continue sending 20-year-olds to be killed. Why you want all those 20-year-olds to die is something you and God can discuss.

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Blogger Disintegrating Clone said...

My take is that it's not exactly the same old plan. They're now going to go into Baghdad, divide it up into separate zones, police the crossing points, and then go into neighbourhoods to disarm the militias.

The British army in Northern Ireland had overwhelming numbers, support of more than 50% of the population and shared a language with the Catholic minority, but couldn't stop the IRA (active members: probably less than a hundred) by military means in two decades.

I wouldn't do what Bush is doing with ten times that number. It'll be a turkey shoot.

12/1/07 3:19 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

That's a good point, DC. Considering the scorn with which Bush views history, it's not surprising he's not learning the lessons of other countries in similar situations. We're America - everything we do WORKS, damn it!

12/1/07 7:32 AM  
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