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Horrible self-indulgence, Year Two

Today is the second anniversary of the day I started this blog, and like I did last year, I'd like to review my favorite posts. I only do this once a year, so I hope you'll indulge me! I'm still enjoying writing this blog, and I appreciate the audience I do have. I always enjoy getting comments and people linking to me, so keep it up! I used to have a bigger audience, but it seems to ebb and flow every once in a while. It's strange. Some people used to come around here but don't any more, while I've gotten some new people. There are also people who have made me regular reading, and I obviously think they're the peachiest. I guess I just don't have enough time to surf the Internets much anymore, and that means I don't visit as many blogs as I used to, which means people don't know I'm out here. Oh well. I've also been having less time to post good stuff as well, and I feel bad for that. But thanks for visiting, everyone. I hope you keep coming back. I'm still having a good time.

In case you want to go back that far, here's the first time I did this, for the year prior. That would be kind of masochistic of you, though. So here's the categories.

LINK BLOGGING. I wish I had time to do this more often. It's fun.

The Robot Pope, the Face of Doom, loud porn.
Zebra Batman, gay trees, Halle Berry's big secret.
Banned bondage pants, Nazi monkeys, FOX News Christmas ornaments.*
God the Contractor, fake porn pix, man panties.*
Best Batman joke ever, Obscene Happy Meals, fractal cauliflower.
Urinal thoughts, monkey sex, books bound in human skin.
20 mean cities, pick-up lines that never work, perfectly times photos.*
Jesus links.
How to be a dictator, obsessing about Parker Posey, David Hasselhoff video.*
Masterpieces with crap endings, Academy Awards for kids, nude curlers.*
Bad Americans, racist Star Trek, MC Hammer's blog.
Sex with lambs, White Ninja comics, furry crustaceans.*
Shopping at Target, the biggest threat to America, the bra of the future.*
My stripper song, David Bowie judges you, cockroach jewelry.*
Impotent college boys, Jesus fights Greek gods, Operation Mincemeat.*
One link, but very strange.
Mr. T fights ninjas, the evil of Riverdance, creepy marionettes.*
My obituary, Spider-Man's weak point, the president is always right.*
Purple nurples, breakdancing gorillas, lots of YouTube.*

PICTURE DAYS. I promise I'll get some more up soon!

Napier, New Zealand, Part 1.
Napier, New Zealand, Part 2.
Taupo, New Zealand.
Pittsburgh, PA.
State College, PA, Part 1.
State College, PA, Part 2.
Harpers Ferry, WV.
Pigeon Forge, TN.
St. Louis, MO, and Kansas.
Grand Teton National Park, WY.
Yellowstone National Park, WY, Part 1.
Yellowstone National Park, Part 2.
Salt Lake City, UT.
Bryce Canyon, UT.
Zion National Park, UT.
The Grand Canyon.
Oak Creek Canyon, AZ, and Lake Mead, NV.
Las Vegas, NV.
San Francisco, CA.
The first pictures of Portland, OR.
Cannon Beach, OR.
The Columbia Gorge, OR.
My wedding plus some other stuff.
Back home in Pennsylvania.
McKenzie River, OR.
Florence, OR.
New Orleans, LA, Part 1.
New Orleans, LA, Part 2.
The great Portland flood of '96.
Seattle, WA.
The Olympic Peninsula, WA.
Kah Nee Ta resort, OR.
Waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge, OR.
The winter in Portland.
Lake Tahoe, CA, Part 1.
Lake Tahoe, CA, Part 2.
Victoria, BC.
A walking tour of Portland.
Newport, OR, and points north.
The visit from my sister-in-law.


Part 13: "D.M.S.R." to "Dear Friend."
Part 14: "Death and Dying" to "Devils Haircut."
Part 15: "Discotheque" to "Drip, Drip, Drip."
Part 16: "Drop Dead Legs" to "Enjoy the Silence."
Part 17: "Entangled" to "Exhausted."
Part 18: "Eye for Eye" to "Famous Last Words."
Part 19: "Fast Lane" to "Five-O."
Part 20: "Follow You Follow Me" to "The Full Bug."
Part 21: "Gallows Pole" to "Give it Revolution."
Part 22: "Given to Fly" to "Go'n Breakdown."
Part 23: "Gone Daddy Gone" to "Heathaze."
Part 24: "Hell's Ditch" to "The Hounds of Winter."

BOOKS I'VE READ AND WHAT I THOUGHT. I'm in the middle of Cryptonomicon right now, which is really freakin' long. I'll get through it eventually.

The Yamato Dynasty: The Secret History of Japan's Imperial Family.
Quo Vadis and Swastika. There's a combination!
Underground London: Travels Beneath the City Streets.
God's Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan.
The Intelligencer.
All About "All About Eve."
Meet You in Hell: Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the Bitter Partnership That Transformed America.
Two books about Lost. How good was the season premiere? What a cool show.
The Short Reign of Pippin IV.


An idiotic letter to the editor.
Racism and sexism in society.
The abuse of power.
We get the Christianity we want.
I get a letter from my Congressman.
Politics in Arizona.
Why isn't Bush a religious crackpot?
The trouble with boys in school.
The problems with Arizona.
Destroying Arizona's wilderness for fun and profit.
It's all connected.
Making it a crime to sell human eggs.
Denying communion to an autistic child.
It's only a movie.
How to destroy the United States.
Why there is no "War on Christmas."
Is religion necessary?
The Peter Pan-ification of America.
The rich get justice, the poor get screwed.
Thoughts about fathers.
Republican values.
It's the Democrats' fault we're losing the War on Terror.
A sad situation.
America stands on principles.
Why I don't like taxes.
The lack of male teachers.
American imperialism.
The objection to "international" educational models.
The Arizona 9/11 memorial.

TRUE TALES FROM MY CHILDHOOD. If I had more time, I would tell some more. Maybe someday.

"My family flees the country."


Those who wanted to sue Major League Baseball because the Astros' roof was open.
Marissa. Remember her?


Harry Belafonte.
Kanye West.
Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone.
Mary J. Blige.
Britney Spears and Clementine Ford.
Hot chicks.


Acta Aunemundi.
The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius.
The Capture of Damietta by Oliver Paderborn.


My favorite poems.
My favorite fiction and non-fiction books.
My favorite movie scenes.
My favorite television episodes.
My favorite moments since 26 August 1992.
My favorite albums.
My favorite sports moments.
My favorite banned books.
My favorite English monarchs.


Batman #452-454 by Peter Milligan and Kieron Dwyer.
Batman #515-552 by Doug Moench and (mostly) Kelley Jones.
Big Numbers by Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz.
Camelot 3000 by Mike W. Barr and Brian Bolland.
Challengers of the Unknown by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.
The ClanDestine #1-8 by Alan Davis.
The Crow by James O'Barr.
Daredevil #283-300 by Ann Nocenti, D. G. Chichester, and (mostly) Lee Weeks.
Daredevil #26-50; 56-81 by Brian Michael Bendis and (mostly) Alex Maleev.
The Defenders #46-50 by Roger Slifer, David Kraft, David Warner, and Keith Giffen.
Detective #471-476 by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers.
Detective #569-574 by Mike W. Barr and Alan Davis.
Detective #583-594; 601-614 by Alan Grant, John Wagner, and Norm Breyfogle.
Detective #629-633; 638; 643 by Peter Milligan, Jim Aparo, and Tom Mandrake.
Detective #801-808; 811-814 by David Lapham and Ramon Bachs.
Dr. Fate by J. M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen, and (mostly) Shawn McManus.
Doom Patrol #19-63 by Grant Morrison and (mostly) Richard Case.
Dreadstar #1-40 by Jim Starlin and (a little bit) Luke McDonnell.


A review of Persepolis 2.
My journey to Comic R!OT in Harrisburg, PA.
Proprietory rights in comics.
Why I love AiT-Planet Lar.
The cure for the common comic.
If I ran DC, Part 1.
If I ran DC, Part 2.
Why we buy comics.
Thoughts on Wizard's year-end issue.
Reviews of various trade paperbacks.
Things that are stupid in comics.
If I'm going to hell, I'm taking Mike Sterling with me!
Reminiscing about old comics I bought long ago.
Should we hold comics creators responsible for reprehensible behavior?
A defense of Chuck Austen.
Why the first six issues of Superman/Batman are bad.
The Bendis/Maleev Daredevil timeline.
Why Frank Miller is a fascist writer.
Whither the Marvel graphic novel?
My V for Vendetta review.
A nagging thought about continuity.
Graphic novel reviews.
My first comics.
Comic book masterpieces, Part 1.
Comic book masterpieces, Part 2.
Comic book masterpieces, Part 3.
The threat of the time-mind sync-warp.
The reality of the time-mind sync-warp.
Astonishing X-Men: when "awesome" isn't good enough.
Breaking down event comics: Identity Crisis.
Breaking down event comics: Countdown to Infinite Crisis.
Breaking down event comics: Day of Vengeance.
Breaking down event comics: The OMAC Project.
Breaking down event comics: Villains United.
Breaking down event comics: Rann-Thanagar War.
Breaking down event comics: Infinite Crisis.
Some more graphic novel reviews.
Wondering about feminine stuff in comics.
Paradigm shifts in comics.
Comic book urban legends! Warning: parody.
More graphic novel reviews.
I don't like the Avengers.
Waxing nostalgic about the Highwayman.
Ranting about spoilers.
Things we can learn from the Kree-Skrull War.
Ten questions with Kieron Gillen.
Taking a sentimental journey.
Into the back issue box #1.
Ten questions with A. David Lewis.
Into the back issue box #2.
Into the back issue box #3.
More graphic novel reviews.


My trip back to Pennsylvania last October. Possibly my longest post, but I still like it.
Krys does a strange thing.
Krys does another strange thing.
One of my many dark secrets, possibly the worst one!
The dilemma of family.
One of the many reasons why people suck.
Why I have a successful marriage.
Krys buys me socks, controversy ensues.
Advice for unmarried men.
A tribute to our cat, Zoe. We miss Zoe.


Krys's quote of the day I.
Krys's quote of the day II.
Krys's quote of the day III.


Something interesting on Magnum, P.I.
Something else interesting on Magnum, P.I.
Commercials during day-time television.
Name that band!
The greatest guest star in television history?
Recasting It's a Wonderful Life.
Reminiscing about 1980s actresses.*
Why I don't listen to the radio.
William Shakespeare vs. James Bond.*
Underappreciated movies.
Random television shows I miss occasionally.
Stealth is not a good movie.


The real reason Richard Nixon is rotting in hell.
Why women's tennis is awesome.*
Facts about home runs.
The horrible tale of Frostee Rucker.


Asian and non-Asian bra-related news.
Osama bin Laden's niece - scantily clad!*
The decline of western civilization.
A critical reading of One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Man, I gotta do more of these. That was fun.
Blogs I read. More have been added since then, and obviously, I'm not doing a good job reading them, because the children are taking up so much of my time. Don't they know what's important in this world????
The most difficult question ever.
Strange gelatinous foodstuffs!
Random pictures of things.
The Apple computer guy who got fired for reciting a poem. Very funny. I don't know if the link still works, though.
A question.
Where's Coolio?
Mamie van Doren naked (!!).
Something strange in Mesa.
Armageddon comes to Phoenix.
Things I learned about men from Cosmopolitan.
The Tootsie Roll commercial from the 1970s.

And in case you missed it, read my latest bunch of reviews. It's right here. I did not like True Story Swear to God, and the writer/artist shows up in the comments and rips me a new one. Fine, fine stuff.

Thanks again for your support. We'll see what happens next year!

(An asterisk by the link, by the way, means that there are shameless cheesecake pictures in the post. I know my audience well!)

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Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Congrats on two years. I, as you've probaably figured out by now, do read you regularly, sdauily when I can. I suppose my favorite post of yours is you missing the wedding, but then again, it just might be my cruel streak.

8/10/06 3:08 AM  
Blogger Ahistoricality said...

Hadn't been by in a while: congratulations on two years, and... whew!

8/10/06 1:35 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Thanks, guys. I'll have to check out that book on the Meiji emperor, ahistoricality - I'm pretty sure I've seen it in the bookstore, and may have to get it. Like I don't have enough to read.

And I'm glad you stop by, Roger. I enjoy going to your blog every morning and seeing something new. Keep it up!

8/10/06 5:13 PM  
Blogger Chance said...

Congratulations on the blogging and all that. I stopped by the comics review and was just blown away by Tom beland's reaction. I mean the guy must truly be insane.

8/10/06 9:20 PM  
Blogger Tom the Dog said...

Congratulations! And wow, what an incredible asshole that Beland guy is. I actually bought his first TPB; his insane attacks have now convinced me never to try the next one. What a fool. And didn't I read recently that he and Lily broke up anyway? So much for the ending of the story.

8/10/06 10:14 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I was more surprised by the sheer hatred more than taking offense at the review. Looking back, I was perhaps too mean, but I don't think I attacked him personally. For him to go so crazy like that is beyond my imagination. And Tom, apparently he's trying to make it work with Lily again, so maybe he was just in a grumpy mood because of other things in his life. At least I hope so. I'm far too lowly to be the object of such scorn.

9/10/06 7:48 AM  
Blogger Roxy said...

Good lord, do we have to endure another year of this?


Ok, so I read your blog. But I must admit that when it comes to the sports posts, I tune out.

Are you going to NaNoWriMo this year? I am - though I think I'm crazy for doing it and trying to move at the same time.

10/10/06 5:38 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

I'll be in Egypt for a good part of the month, my dear, so I won't be writing this time around.

10/10/06 7:10 AM  
Blogger Jules said...

holy cow, you are a prolific writer! i must remember to stop by more often. i randomly clicked on a few of your linked posts and enjoyed them all. keep up the good work!

14/10/06 7:59 PM  

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