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Why I don't like taxes

I've always said I don't mind paying taxes as long as they go toward tangible things and aren't wasted. That's what bugs me about taxation in this country - it seems to go into some giant sinkhole where I'm paying for really good health insurance for elected officials and, you know, gold-plated toilet seats. But today I realized there is another reason to dislike taxes.

I had to get my passport renewed because of our trip in November. I really hope it takes less than three months for the wheels of passport renewal to grind out one for me! So I mailed it - with a check for 67 dollars.

Let's think about that for a while. It cost me $67 to renew my passport. If only 500,000 people do that in a year - which might be very high or very low, I have no idea, but figure in a country with a population of 300 million it's probably low - the State Department makes 33.5 million dollars. And that's just from passport renewal! What the hell else are they making money on?

I know it takes a lot of money to run our corrupt government, but are you telling me that all the things we pay for that the government provides isn't enough and they have to tax us even more? Jesus. If we're paying for this stuff, our taxes should be lower or non-existent. If we pay more in taxes, all this shit should be free.

When is the revolution coming?

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Blogger Kait W. said...

Where are you going in November? Want to make a stopover in England?

17/8/06 8:13 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

We're going to Egypt because we live life on the edge! We're kind of hoping the odds of not getting killed by terrorists are in our favor. We're going straight through from New York to Cairo, or I would LOVE to make a stopover in England. Not this time, however!

17/8/06 8:38 PM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Passports used to be considerably cheaper only a couple years ago. Currently, I think $12 goes as the "security surcharge", so I DO hope you feel more secure.

18/8/06 8:47 PM  
Blogger Chance said...

The government has lots of things to buy with that money. Cruise missiles, for example, cost eleventy kajillion dollars. And we shot sixby brazilian of them at Iraq in the last 15 years. You do the math.

19/8/06 8:04 PM  

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