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Picture Day remains in Lake Tahoe country

A day late, but it's still Picture Day! Last week we were in Lake Tahoe seeing jumping frogs and skiing at Squaw Valley. Today we continue our sojourn in the mountains.

I like this picture for two reasons. We were driving around the lake and stopping at various picturesque spots, and this is one of the more picturesque. I also like that my sister looks really goofy. I love my sister, but I also always like picking on her. Here I'm sure she just had the sun in her eyes, but still.

We were in Tahoe on my 27th birthday, but on that day, did we do what I wanted? Of course not! My mom had plans! We were off to Virginia City to check out the olde-timey American West stuff. My mom digs that kind of stuff! It was actually a decent day.

This is a picture of Virginia City from the cemetery outside of town. My sister was jazzed by the big "V" on the hill up there. It's a weird Western phenomenon - Portland has one, although it's not easily seen, and Tempe has an "A" for Arizona State University. Lots of towns throughout the West have one, but none back east, probably because there isn't a lot of room and mountains to put them on. It's one of those neat things that remind us that the world hasn't become completely homogenized.

Here we are on Boot Hill. My brother-in-law thinks he's cool because he doesn't wear sunglasses.

The next day we were back by the lake and still taking touristy pictures. Check out my way-cool olde-timey Batman shirt.

Then we all went horseback riding. It was pretty fun. This is one of two times I have ever been on a horse.

Check me out - it's like I was born in the saddle! Note two things: my cool George Constanza-esque ski pass on my jacket, although I had gone skiing two days earlier and not years earlier like George, and my huge sunglasses. What the hell? Those things were the bomb, let me tell you.

That's out trip to Lake Tahoe. I did some gambling, did some skiing, did some riding, and did some relaxing. What more could you ask from a vacation?

Next week: Victoria, British Columbia! Don't miss it!

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