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Scandalous teachers, insane conservatives, Archie is God, Operation Mincemeat, and Saint Paris Hilton? Yes, it's all in the links!

It wasn't a ridiculously busy week, so I had some time to surf the world wide web and bring you the highlights. I hope you enjoy them!

And, if you're so inclined, sign my GuestMap. It's been a while since anyone did and it's getting sad.


First, we have a blog devoted to pictures of Vanessa Kay, who appears to be one of the women who used to be on The Man Show. So. Photos of a big-chested blonde. Now that's entertainment!

I can't really recommend going to the next blog, but it's weirdly compelling. Very short posts with very bad grammar and very foul language accusing pretty much everyone in the world of being involved in child porn. Bizarre. No icky pictures or anything, so don't be afraid, but very bizarre. Seriously. Everyone in the world.

The next blog is somewhat interesting. Black-and-white photos of what I can only assume is Italy, since the blog is in Italian. Neat.

This blog is by a bunch of left-wingers in Appalachia. "Because Appalachian Pride isn't limited to zealots, bigots, and right-wingers." Testify!

Finally, a blog that appears to be written in Turkish. It certainly looks like Turkish. So if you can read Turkish, go for it! I can't.


Are we sure Bush will leave office in 2009?

The GayProf rips Mary Cheney a new one. Go, GayProf! Excellent thoughts.

Why would I post such a blatantly cheesecake picture, especially in the "Political" section of the links? It turns out she's a teacher. And, of course, parents complained. She's 25 and posed for these when she was in college, so it shouldn't be anyone's business, but as we well know, if you're a teacher, you're scrutinized much more because God forbid children should see chicks in bikinis! I got the picture from this site, which has more, if you want to contribute to the corruption of America's youth! And of course, I must make the obligatory male-pig remark about not remembering having any teachers who looked like that in high school. And comment on the fact that there is, apparently, a U.S.A. National Bikini Team. ?????

How Bush has helped liberals. Good point, actually.

Speaking of Bush and liberals, conservatives who are disappointed in him are now calling him ... yep, a liberal. Fine stuff. Of course he's a liberal, because we all know that liberals are the worst evil ever.

Here's a horrific article about the war in the Congo. Another place we ignore even though it's important. I got this from Andrew Sullivan.

Ahistoricality links to an interesting article on Latin America and Donald Rumsfeld. More stuff we don't care about, but should.

The great immigration debate! From a century ago, that is. Amazing how things never change. This is from Andrew Sullivan.

Is George Bush really Alexander Luthor? If you don't know who Alexander Luthor is, you obviously don't read comic books. I got this at Ian's blog.

Join the army, kill civilians. This is a very sad story that right-wingers will probably trash. I found the link at Crash Landing.

Boys in college are reporting more impotence, so we should, of course, blame feminists! Who knew feminists were the cause of everything evil in the world. I found this at Majikthise, who links to other thoughts about the story here and here.

So there's been that big to-do over the Spanish-language version of the National Anthem, right? Well, ABC News went to Washington and found most members of Congress did not know the words to the English version. So, you know, shut up. I got this from Crooks and Liars via Shakespeare's Sister.


I don't like to link to her a lot, because even giving her the attention on this tiny little blog is too much, but sometimes, it's necessary: Ann Coulter wonders "where are the skinheads when you need them?" Yes, she's calling for people to rise up and beat foreigners again, specifically the former spokesman for the Taliban who is attending Yale. She continues by asking, "What does a girl have to do to get an angry, club- and torch-wielding mob on its feet?" Read the rest, if you didn't just eat. How can conservatives defend this woman? Some people say we shouldn't take her seriously, but she does this far too often. She is absolutely insane. And yet people think she is the voice of conservatives. If so, I fear for the country. I found this here, which had been linked to by ahistoricality, who also has some other fun conservative quotes. There's some more perspective here, as well.

Bush and the conservatives are doing very well, according to Hugh Hewitt. Hewitt, in case you don't know, has pictures of Bush on his wall with hearts drawn around his face and "H.H. + G.W.B." scribbled all over them. At least he should. I got the link at Agent of Change.


What Wonder Woman taught the GayProf about life. My favorite: "Fighting Nazis and supervillians is not an excuse for ignoring your appearance." But they're all valuable.

Chris Sims gives us Infinite Crisis in Thirty Seconds - done in crayon. Sheer brilliance. I'd steal a panel, but it must be experienced in its complete glory.

Harvey Jerkwater shows us a seriously bizarre Silver Age comic book cover. You must go look!

The Hulk has found comic strips starring ... The Hulk! Go and read them: One, Two, Three, and Four.

Sleestak wants to re-introduce the word "Fileboner" to the world. Find out where it was first used.

Rob Liefeld draws Jesus fighting Greek gods. And he pulls himself off the cross to do so. Awesome. I found this link at Dave Ex Machina.

Scipio breaks down why Archie is God. Freaky!


Here's a post proving basketball is ridiculously homoerotic. Lots of pictures (with captions!), including my favorite:

The Jumble in the newspaper gets weird. You have to scroll past the Spider-Man comic strip, but it's worth it.

You know you want this shirt:

I don't know where to buy it, but I saw it at Dave Barry's blog.

Chez Guevara: A Revolution in Dining.

Very funny blog: Emails From Jesus. "Our blogger who art in Heaven." Satan also answers your emails - and lives in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Very, very funny.

Latigo Flint explains how not to get killed by angry orcas.

You know those annoying motivational posters in offices? Well, at this site you can find "demotivators." They're excellent. Here's one of them:

I found the link at Welcome to Blog.

Toner Mishap gives us some fake anti-Bush pictures, including this one:

Superblog!! links to an old post about really bad URLs. They're real site addresses to, and they include such fun ones as


Pictures from the same blog: here and here.


This is a fascinating post about something called Operation Mincemeat during World War Two. Intelligence work is kewl.

Paris Hilton = Good Catholic Girl! I found this at Road to Surfdom.

The new season of Deadwood might be the last. Boy, that sucks. I found this at Unqualified Offerings.

Oscar Madison praises dandelions. I agree with him. Dandelions are purty.

It's time for ... sculptures made out of tape:

I got this at Dave Barry's blog.

There's a rock slab growing from Mount Saint Helens! Check it out:

You can read more about it here. I found the link at Laura's blog.

Dave Barry finds a German brothel that caters to virgins. Comic book readers of the world, head to Germany!

A judge in the Philippines was fired for consulting mystic dwarfs. Yes, you read that right! In George Bush's America, he'd get a promotion! I got this at Homo Sum.

Something Old, Nothing New has WKRP in Cincinnati clips. They take a while to load, but they're very funny. Of course, they depress me because it will never be out on DVD. Ever.

Go check out the weather on Jupiter!

Blogs4Bauer celebrates Jack Bauer Appreciation Day with what they most appreciate about Jack Bauer. Warning: it has very little to do with Kiefer.

Do you want to make your own wallet out of Batman undies? Sure you do! Thanks to Heidi for the link.


We all love wasting time on the Internets, don't we? Guess what? It just got a whole lot easier: Welcome to Google trends. You put in whatever term you want and find out where the most searches are coming from. I found out about this wonderful tool here and here and here. Yes, Salt Lake City is third-highest in the world for searches of pornography and Muslim countries dominate the searches for sex. Commence with the time-wasting!

That's all for this week. As usual, who knows when the links will rear their frightening heads again! It's a week-by-week process, people!

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Blogger Greg said...

T.: I think you meant to put a comment here, but put it someplace else. I have no problem with right-wingers objecting to the former Taliban spokesman attending Yale. Dissent is what makes America great! When that guy got thrown out of Harvard, however, crazy left-wingers simply shouted for him to be fired. Coulter is calling on crazy right-wingers to beat the crap out of this guy. That's what I object to. She has a long history of calling for violence against anyone she doesn't like, and that bugs me. But she can object to the guy all she wants.

15/5/06 6:55 AM  
Blogger T. said...

oops, i did misplace. sorry.

i assume she was joking about the beating and was tongue in cheek, but who knows?

15/5/06 9:49 PM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

T- I never believe that calls for beating on someone, even tongue in cheek, will be HEARD as tongue in cheek by everyone.

15/5/06 10:43 PM  
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