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Back to nature with Picture Day!

After last week's post of pictures of people you don't care about, today we head back outside and check out some spectacular scenery. If you can't enjoy Oregon in the autumntime, you just can't enjoy anything!

In October 1994 we decided to take a day trip to the McKenzie River Valley, which is east of Eugene. We drove south for a few hours and then got on route 126 to head east into the Cascade Mountains. We saw many scenes like this:

Ah, fall foliage! How I miss it!

We had nothing but time, so we stopped often and took pictures like this:

Look at that handsome devil! Okay, it's probably best that you can't really see me that well - we wouldn't want to ruin the scenery!

Route 126 leads to Route 242, which takes you over the mountains. Right near the road are the Three Sisters, which are three peaks close together (shocking, I know). These are two of them - the north and middle peaks.

Near the top of the route is a lava field. The background is washed out in this picture (I'm not a professional, sue me), but the lava sure is neat. Krys has claimed it in the name of Spain!

Lava as far as the eye can see! I'm not sure what that mountain in the background is. It might be Mount Jefferson. Nik, help me out!

We drove down the east side of the Cascades and into Sisters, Oregon, which is a nice little town that has become a bit of a tourist trap. From there we turned north. Most people, when they think of Oregon, think rain and evergreens and rivers and forests, but if you get on the eastern side of the Cascades, it's a desert! Check it out!

We headed north on Highway 26, which takes you over Mount Hood. We reached the summit area around sunset. So we took a picture of it!

It was one of the nicer days we have had together. It was very long, but well worth the drive. If you're ever in Oregon (and really, you have no excuse not to go!), a day trip through the mountains is quite groovy. Trust me!

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