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Strange liquid falling from the sky

I woke up this morning at four o'clock and heard a weird sound. It was the sound of pattering, as if small drops of something were hitting the ground and bouncing back up. It was coming from outside. What could it be????

I looked the strange phenomenon up on the Internet and discovered that it's called "rain." It's now after seven and it's still happening. How cool!

And so our almost five (!) months without precipitation comes to an end. This could go on all week and it would be fine with me. Of course, knowing Arizonans, by this afternoon they'll be whining about how the rain around here never stops.

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Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

You should create a soundtrack- The Rain, the Park and Other thins by the Cowsills can lead it off.

12/3/06 1:52 AM  

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