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When life hands you lemons ...

... Destroy the source! With that in mind, today we chopped down the lemon tree in our backyard. We cannot tell a lie - it was just getting annoying. That sucker grew so quickly (18 October - last day with rain, remember) and threatened to overrun the house. I'm totally serious. And we don't like lemons. If it had been an orange tree that would have been different.

So now there's just a stump where the tree used to be. The guy will come by tomorrow to grind that up.
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But that's okay - we're going to put some nice palm trees in the spot. Palm trees know their place!
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(Yes, this is a pointless post. But I felt a tiny bit of sadness when that chipper started revving up. Just a tiny bit. So I wanted to share.)


Blogger Ashley said...

I killed a peach tree in my yard. It was killing my grass. I needed the grass more than some tough peaches.

I have plenty of live oaks to make up for it. No guilt.

16/2/06 6:03 AM  
Blogger Nik said...

That last shot makes your yard look like a prison exercise yard! ;)

16/2/06 9:08 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Cinder block walls are, unfortunately, quite ubiquitous in AZ. Just another reason to dislike it!

16/2/06 9:28 AM  

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